How responsive does the Raptor Come?

Brand new, out of the box, how responsive is the Raptor?

Is it as responsive as people say? And how long should I break it in?

Mine was unresponsive out of the package.

Is yours one of the first ones that came out? The first runs came heavily lubed, but I’m not sure about these newer batches.

I have heard complaints and others even launching into diatribes of how they had to remove their bearings straight away because it was so “gunky” and the Raptor was responsive until they invested a lot of maintenance to achieve optimum play.

This was certainly NOT my experience. My Raptor was completely unresponsive right out of the package and played beautifully. I have always felt Duncan’s Raptor is an underrated and oft overlooked yoyo. I’ve always been pleased with mine.

Awesome, we’ll just see how mine is when I get it. I’ve seen pictures of the bearings and they seems fine to me… I just don’t have experience with duncan metals. I’ve had the Metal drifter but all it needed were thinner pads.

We’ll just see how mine is when I get it.

I think you’ll find the Raptor to be superior to the Drifter.

I received it in the mail today.

It was Perfectly unresponsive and Free Spinning, and Snag free out of the box. I can tell it has SOME lube in it, but it’s actually the perfect amount. It’s so floaty and swift! No wonder Tomas Bubak won EYYC with it!

Have you heard of Janos Karancz? If not do yourself a favor and look him up. The raptor was his go-to before he picked up a Barracuda

Yeah I’ve seen him. He’s very impressive!!

I sold mine because I found it too light and zippy. I could never tell where it was.

I understand what you mean, but why not just put the caps in?


Mine was fairly responsive out of the package. I then cleaned the bearing and did my typical Terrapin X Dry Play treatment, and it went completely unresponsive.

In this case, if I was more patient, I could have broken in the excessive lube through play, but didn’t want that stuff in there and wanted the bearing clean for a starting point.

Got it today like I said and its dead smooth and unresponsive with no vibe.