Duncan Raptor, Metal Drifter, Metal Zero


Which is better, the Duncan Raptor, Metal Drifter, or Metal Zero?


raptor by far imo. what are your preferences though? there is no best yoyo, its what you like.


This is no contest in my book.

  1. Raptor

  2. Drifter

  3. Metal Zero


The Raptor is a fine yo-yo. The metal zero isn’t. Get the Raptor.


I have seen and used a raptor and drifter go for the raptor it’s 5 times better than the drifter


I agree with this on almost every thread about choosing between different yo-yos. Not this time. The Duncan Raptor is an excellent yo-yo. The Drifter is just okay. The Metal Zero is a doorstop IMO. (and I’m never critical of any yo-yo out there.)

And I hate to be contrary with YYE, but my Raptor was never semi-responsive from the moment I opened the package. Completely unresponsive on the first throw. Maybe mine was unique. Duncan’s website makes a point of calling the Raptor an unresponsive yo-yo.

Get the Raptor. It’s a great yo-yo for it’s price bracket.


I have the Raptor. I got one recently. I also have a Metal Drifter. I don’t have a Metal Zero.

I need to clean the bearing again in my Metal Drifter. It’s an older one that uses spacers. My son’s is a newer one that does not use spacers and after a good bearing cleaning, it’s dead unresponsive.

The Raptor, well, the bearing was choked with grease. I popped in a YYJ Speed Bearing as a temporary fix and it’s much better. It may be short on frills, but it delivers where and how you need it. Under-rated, under-appreciated, and now one is under my watchful eye as part of my collection. Yeah, for $40, I’m highly recommending this to anyone, probably one of the best under $40 metals period.


I like more light, floaty yoyos. But I’m still pretty new to yoyoing.


Thanks guys.