Duncan Metal Zero

Is the Duncan Metal Zero discontinued?? Thanks.

I think it has been, but there are still some for sale on Duncan’s site. The release of the Raptor pretty much made the MZ obsolete. For the same price, you could get a Raptor, and for a few dollars more you can get an Echo or Metropolis, and all three of those are much better yoyos. Or, you could go 20 to 25 cheaper and get a Metal Drifter for the same performance. Basically, that’s what the Drifter is: a slightly undersized Metal Zero.

Edit: None on Duncan’s site, either. If you really want one, BST is your best bet.

Well I just got a Metal Drifter and it’s pretty good. I was asking that because I was pretty impressed by it and I thought the MZ would be a full sized version.

Try the Pulse FHZ. The standard FHZ does not have a recessed sticker like the Metal Zero and Drifter. Also, it looks like the Diversion is somewhat based off of the FHZ.

Personally, I like the Drifter, but not the Zeros. They are about the same width, but the extra diameter on the zeros make the shape uncomfortable: there’s not enough slope for my fingers to rest. Going from the Drifter to the Raptor was an easy transition, and it didn’t feel weird switching back and forth.