Metal zero and metal drifter

Whats the difference? They both look the same to me. Why is the zero so much more exspensive?

Look at the specs.

52.60 mm Diameter
39.30 mm Width
61.1 grams

52.9 mm diameter
39.1 mm width
62 grams

Not much of a difference, but to be honest, I am a huge fan of the drifter. If you were to get one, the drifter would be my recommendation.

the diameter for the zero is closer to 56-57 mm i believe. As far as which one to get, I would get the drifter. Its is less expensive and I think most people would agree it is the better playing of the 2.


Metal Drifter was my first serious yoyo and IMO one of the best cheap metals on the market.

The Metal Zero was a metal version of a FHZ: it is full sized, and was Duncan’s first entry into the budget metals at 40 bucks.

The Metal Drifter is slightly undersized, and is the cheapest of all the Deluxxe line of yoyos. It was created after two versions of the Metal Zero, so it can be seen as version 3.0. It also came up at the time where Duncan was really beginning to ratchet up the performance of the Deluxxe line. Not very long after the Drifter came out, the Raptor released for 40 bucks, the same price as the Metal Zero.

During this time, the Metal Zero really became obsolete, and I don’t think it was ever really a popular yoyo to begin with. For 17 bucks you can get an FHZ, for 22 you can get the Drifter, (which many people seemed to like better), for 40 you can get the superior Raptor, and if you really liked the Metal Zero, there were two high end yoyos, the Freebird and the Diversion, based somewhat off of the zero design.

I don’t think Duncan makes the Metal Zero anymore, but I could be wrong.