The UFO is inpossible!!!!!!!!

well… can some one give me a vid that show how to do UFO to the loss side? coz in this site vid he does not explain it very weel/… please help…

i dont really get how to make the yoyo come back to your hand… i mean i hold the string with my fingers and i triy to pop it like he tells but than what? i need to pull with the yoyo hand i need to pop it in the direction of the throwing yoyo hand… what i need to do???

thanks for helpers…

What yoyo are you using? If it is an unresponsive yoyo then there is really no way for it to come back to your hand.

André shows both ways of throwing it. However to throw it to the left, I have found an easier way to do it. For a sleeper, you have your palm up instead of having it down. For this, do the wrong way and aim your palm where you want to throw - the left. Then throw it horizontally.

Yeah, its just like throwing a trapeze, but your fingers are pointing towards you. Just do exaclty as you would with a trapeze throw, but stand like you’re doing the matrix while you do so. If it’s unresponsive, you’re never gonna get it back sorry. If you have mad binding skills like Hiroyuki Suzuki, you might be able to bind it back.

i didnt understand how to do what you mean… can you put a vid?

by the wey i have hitman yoyo… i tought i coyuld do any trick with him coz his expert… but know i see i olmost cant do any thing with him… what tricks can i really do with him…?

how in olmost all the movies of this site he’s yoyo sometimes responsive and somthimes not?


Let me see if I can tackle your questions in order here,

As far as U.F.O. goes, this can be an intimidating trick for beginners and one that is very difficult to keep consistant even for experts. There is a much better trick for adjusting string tension that you will learn as you progess, so I wouldn’t fret over learning this trick before moving on.

The Hitman that you have has what is called an adjustable gap, which allows you to tweak your yo yos responsiveness as your skill improves. It is capable of all the tricks you will see in the learn section here, but it takes a lot of practice to get there.

At this point you want to have it as responsive as possible, so cup the yo yo in your hand holding one side steady while turing the other clockwise until you get considerable resistance. Be careful not to overtighten it!

The problem is that the bearing that comes in the yo yo is shipped dry, with no lubircation what-so-ever. Before the bearing breaks in it is semi-responsive, but not responsive enough to make a trick like U.F.O. easy.

Andre (the guy in the ‘learn’ vids) is using a YYJ Dark Magic, not to different from your Hitman, with the same adjustable gap. The reason that his is so responsive in some of the vids is because he added thin lube to the inside of his bearing, and has the gap tightened all the way.

If you want your Hitman to be that responsive, you would need to open your bearing, clean it, and add some YYJ lube.

Instead of doing that before your bearing breaks in though, I would just move on to the next trick, and let your yo yo ‘spin-out’ when the string tension gets too high. Later you will learn a trick called ‘sidewinder’ that, in my opinion, is easier to do and doesnt require as responsive a yo yo (it still has to be responsive, but just not as much).

There’s a lot of information here, but I hope it helps. Let me know if I can do any more to help.

generally, thick lube will be the way to go if you’re going for greater response.

first of all… THANKS! thank for your responses! thank for all of your time!! its make me happy!

second, i live in Israel so i cant efford the ship from the US fo this lube… so thar are any substetoution for it?

therd after ill got the lube how do i use it?

if i want to get the lube off can i do it?

thanks agean!

I don’t know of any safe replacements for thick lube, but if you get something to use all you do is put it on the side of the bearing (shield on or off, doesn’t matter) and spin the bearing for a little bit to work the lube in. If you want to get the thick lube out, thin lube apparently breaks down the thick lube.

so well… in my case i have nathing to do about it no? i mean i live in israel so i cant get the thin or thick lube for the bearing so i am a biginner yoyo kid with unresponsive yoyo…
am i screwed?

Try wrapping the end of the yo yo string around the bearing twice instead of just once. That should help with the responiveness.

i tryed this but i do not feel any difference…

reel oil (for fishing rods), sewing machine oil, and 3-in-1 oil are all excellent alternatives. depending upon how much of each you use, the yo-yo will have different response characteristics. none are as thick as yyj thick lube, but all will work in a pinch. honestly, virtually any kind of grease will be able to slow down a bearing enough to be responsive. but you’ll have to do some experimentation to find “the butter zone”.

cool but well… if i use some lube(oil or somthing) how do i clean it?

about 10 minutes in mineral spirits will clean a deshielded bearing very well.
it’s better to decide what kind of response you want and kind of stick with it. bearings won’t stand up well to repeated chemical cleaning. i personally don’t mess with bearings much at all. i usually rely on gap and response system to get a yo-yo to come back or stay down.

one nice alternative is to have bearings that you keep well-lubed and bearings that you keep relatively clean. when you want response, pop in the lubed one, when you don’t, just switch up.

the only problem is that the cost of the shipment is somthing like 25$ to Israel…

dude. i’m not sure WHERE in israel you live, but i’m confident you can find SOME kind of thick oil or thin grease to put in a bearing. a lot of people think yoyojam lube is the end-all-be-all (and it IS easy to use), but it’s just some gunk in a bottle. and again, if you’re just trying to slow down a bearing to make it more responsive, MOST gunk in a bottle will do the trick. go to a garage, hardware or auto supply store and ask for 3-in-1 oil. go to a grocery store and get some cooking grease. experiment. you won’t destroy your bearing by putting an oil or grease in it. you can always clean it with mineral spirits (available at any hardware store).

Don’t be afraid to use any of the things ed mentioned. The only thing I would mention is that you dont need to use too much. Just a dab at the end of a pin or needle will work if you spin it into the bearing.

about the cleaning- the miniral spirit will distroy the bearing by the movie i sew in this website… so what to do?

Mineral Spirits will not destroy the bearing. Just make sure you dry it completely before you put it in your yoyo.

That, and don’t clean it many many times. Cleaning it a few times is fine, but if you clean it every hour on the hour for 3 days I don’t think your bearing will be as good.