I Can, I Can't

I can do Matrix ;D, I can’t always get the yoyo back to my hand >:(.
I can bind some yoyos sometimes :D, I can’t bind all the time >:(.
I can do Drop In the Bucket, I can’t do that sideways thing that unwinds your string.
I can do that sideways thing, but I can’t get the yoyo back to my hand afterwards.
I can throw the yoyo really hard, but I can’t get it to spin a long time.
I can go to North Carolina in June, I can’t decide if I should.
I can push down on the yoyo and pull with my throw hand, but I can’t snap start the yoyo.

What are you trying to get at? As for flying saucer, just pull up past your hand and get ready to catch.

what yoyo are you using?

Sideways unwinding? UFO or sidewinder.

Addment: Xela has a video on a great adjustment method:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUUEWqXFwh8