The "Tricks people have probably never heard of" thread

This is place to post the names of tricks that people may not of heard of or tricks that have just been invented.

I don’t know if anyone has done this before, but I couldn’t find one, so I started this one

It would also be helpful if there are tutorials for them

Steve Brown’s Legend of the Seven Fisted Mantis or any of his early 365 Yoyo Tricks stuff:)

Yup. So many great unknown tricks in there. Admittedly, a bit of filler, too, but mostly good stuff.

I have never heard anyone mention the Sou, but its one of my favourite tricks. Its easy, fun, and looks epic. You can learn it on Rethink Yoyo.

You can sort of tell when it is a filler trick, but he makes up for it by coming up with something awesome more often than every once in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually saw that trick for the first time a few months ago when I was on Rethinkyoyo.

There are so many being created every day but here’s something similar to 365 but it consisted of not so famous yoyoers, there are some good tricks in here but a lot are repeaters.

Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Great thing about repeaters is that you don’t have to repeat them. :smiley:

An amusing trick.

5a tricks:
Fitzgerald helicopter by Ryan gee
Broken heart by Ryan gee
Tosslecore suicide by Ryan gee
Radonkadonk by Ryan gee

Signature hop to magic **** trick

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whoops, hit thank you instead of quote.

heard and seen both 1a trick, but none of the 5a tricks. Magic _____trick is funny.

Electric Bologna

and Skip to 0:40
I call it, Finger Spin Trap Door

Palli’s Grindwinder at 1:01 and Horizontal Grindwinder.

That first one of Palli’s is doable. Just bind with as short a tail as you can muster and do a sidewinder. Place your hand under it as it goes back to your throwhand. I could be wrong, but I think it’s just an illusion that you’re “carrying” the yoyo over to your throwhand… it’s the sidewinder doing the work.

The second one, yeah, I’ve been wanting to do that one ever since I saw it in a video ages ago. Just the bind part I mean. I can’t figure it out. :wink: MrDynamic has offered a helpful hand when his schedule permits…

Holy crap the “finger spin trap door” is a practical way to disguise a failed brent stole in a comp!

And get you some MADDD Points right? :slight_smile:

No Problem! That is true you can always take the element and make something out of it yourself instead of repeating it. :wink:


I found a trick entered in the rethinkyoyo tutorial contest that was pretty neat
Soda Pops

There are some pretty good Rethinkyoyo contest entries that are awesome!

Is it just a laceration bind?