The Ti-Vayder Experience


the price point is based on giving back, and is actually less than the retail that original Ti Walker was 8 years ago.


(Patrick Dressel) #168

I’m excited. Is there a date you guys are aiming for a release? Nats or world’s would be exciting


For the half…


Exciting development! Good to see you involved, Heath. Think I’ll crack open the Vs Newton case and throw some around in celebration. :joy:

(Choncworth) #171


There is no date as of yet, but it will definitely be posted as soon as their is one.

(ClockMonsterLA) #173

Jeff mentioned it being in “a couple of months”. Manufacturing and QC takes a little time, after all.


A safe bet is Summer 2019.

Keep in mind that because of Jeff this release will not be the typical “hype for a year with an eventual release” style VsNYYC often fell into.

This is being machined right now.

({John15}) #175

Jeff doesn’t play around, Jeff gets stuff done.


Exactly. I am so incredibly thankful of Jeff and what he’s accomplished already in regards to the Ti Walker legacy with the Ti Vayder.

You guys are gonna love it.


The fact that your apprehension has turned to thankfulness warms my heart and increases my excitement for this project!


What was the retail on the original? I can’t remember.

Wondering if these will come in under the price of what the Ti Yo was. Those were $125 and machined in the USA.


They won’t be $125.

The Ti Walker retailed for $200, so somewhere between $125 and $200 :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, thought I saw a comment that these were going to be the lowest priced titanium yoyo that has been made, or just over cost. So was curious what the thinking was. I’ve gotten quotes in the past, so wondering how aggressive Jeff was thinking on pricing :+1:


Any idea on how many are being Machined?

(ClockMonsterLA) #182

The Wanker sells/sold for $180, so that would seem to be the most contemporary price threshold to beat.


Didn’t know there was a ti that sold for that cheap!

Cheapest I’ve seen was $180 for 2 or 3 tis so I was expecting like a $150-$160 price point


Yeah. Having gotten pricing quotes, so knowing at least what a run off 100 would be, and some of the talk about being (can’t remember the term used) around cost, just so people could experience one, and Ben being concerned about pricing, thought we’d see something drastic :rofl:


Yeah, they were crowd funded. Another that I know of will be around that, or maybe slightly less. Just not sure when that will be out just yet.