The Ti-Vayder Experience

({John15}) #146

Whyy tho?

(Jacob Waugh) #147

So that this project will be archived in a video, more yoyoers in the future can probably learn a lot from it, it would reach further than a bunch of old forum threads would. The Ti-walker is a legend and Heath’s brand also had a huge impact on yo-yos, documenting the first mass produced cheap Ti run in yo-yo history, and documenting Heath’s return in the same video would be pretty cool, it would be like the Summit documentary.


Lmao that’s my personal carry B Grade Ti Walker.

I had a friend nail polish the rims white to make it black light reactive for a party awhile back and never took it off.


That’s so groovy

(InvaderDust) #150

Ooooh yea. Makes me all jiggly inside! :heart_eyes::fire::heart_eyes:

Also, HAppy cake Day @smileypants707


Nice! Any difference in height (when cup down like that) is attributable to the slightly greater gap width.

(Spinworthy Glen) #152

I really like it all, but getting stoked about is difficult when I know I can’t buy it. That’s not a huge bummer for me, but still it makes me rein in my stoke-o-meter.


I can confirm that as of today we’ve started full manufacturing and that puts the release in about two months. :slight_smile:


(InvaderDust) #155

HUZZAH!!! Super turbo stoked!


You got Uranium glass for those parties? It’s all the rage… from 1950’s and RadioActive too…

Some people put old yoyo’s on them.


Lol no but that’s awesome!

(Levi Neal) #158

I don’t have much to add to this conversation but I would love a half swap option for color. I’m always about the half swap.


Tonic Water with Quinine is why they did it! Black light blue glow. Mix away! Groot string throwing a peace sign by accident. Edit: Oh and the Gnarwhal in the screen background. Easter egg’n it!


(ClockMonsterLA) #161

How would you say the TiWalker feels and plays compared to the TiVayder? How close are they in feel and play?


He’ll be posting a fuller review in a dedicated topic in #yo-yo-reviews soon :wink:


Prediction: this is going to be the most anticipated release in recent yoyo history.


Really pleased that this is all going ahead with everyone happy. Looking forward to more developments.


I’m 99% down for one of these, now that it has @HVizier blessing. Usually I see these, and I don’t like these types of yoyos because they are usually rip offs without the original creator being involved at all, but since that has changed here (depending on price) I’m in :slight_smile: