The Ti-Vayder Experience


Yeah, the Tiyo as far as I can see was made so that players could experience playing with a titanium yoyo at the cheapest price point possible.

The Ti-Vayder goal is different (@codinghorror please correct me if I’m wrong). This run is intended to get an already incredibly well received and virtually impossible to attain yoyo design to the masses at a price a considerable amount of the community can afford.

As I see it it’s not really fair to compare the goals to each other.


With that said, I don’t see anyone saying the price is unjustified other than internet trolls. :slight_smile:


Gotcha. I was just going by Jeff’s comments as seen below :slight_smile: Looking forward to this, especially since seeing you say that it plays the same as an original :smiley:


All of those statements still very much hold true, except the charity being donated to itself.

Jeff has given me the go ahead to assign the charity money.


More than I could see myself ever having the means to do without Jeff.

(Spinworthy Glen) #191

I’m really counting on the ‘everyone’ that @codinghorror said. I’m hoping that means that the price will be low enough for me.

(ClockMonsterLA) #192

Well, to be fair, Jeff did go from the word everyone to lots, perhaps to avoid people taking him too literally?

(Spinworthy Glen) #193

Not sure how else to take the word ‘everyone’ other than for what it means. I was taking that it meant it’s going to be very inexpensive.

It really doesn’t matter. Titanium is always out of my price range these days.

(InvaderDust) #194

I think this is an accurate thought! I know this stands true for me.


Anything under $200 is an insanely good price for a ti, anything under $180 is just ridiculous, I think hoping for much more is asking for way too much.

This is already really generous as it is, it’ll probably be around $150 but I was fully expecting it to be $300 when he announced this.

(Spinworthy Glen) #196

Yeah I won’t be able to afford that.

Guess I’ll make myself a wooden one and call it the Wooden Ewok.

(Pantheon Throws) #197

@HVizier @codinghorror I’m guessing it’s the standard grade 5 titanium that these will be machined out of? And again, please consider doing any number in AMS if you can manage it. that would be KILLER.

(ClockMonsterLA) #198

Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is AMS?

(ClockMonsterLA) #199

Well, another way to take it would be as a slight exaggeration. It should be fairly obvious that Jeff really means, “Everyone who can afford a yoyo in the $150-200 range,” not literally “Everyone on earth.” That’s why, I suspect, he changed over to the word lots instead. There is no single literal definition for that word which paints him into a rhetorical corner.

(Pantheon Throws) #200

AMS2488 type II, a special Teflon-like coating for titanium that Jeffrey pang uses on some of his models. Best finger grind titanium EVER, and looks slick as hell as well!

(ClockMonsterLA) #201

AMS is just a standard table of titanium types, right? Why does “AMS” refer to only AMS2488 Type II in this context?


The grey and black have that effect, though it is not AMS. They are noticeably “slicker”, and the darker one is more so, probably since it has more anodization to arrive at the darker color.

(Not to the point that I would call it a “slick” finish per se but you can tell the difference at a touch over raw.)


Would you say the “slicker” one is capable of grinds and finger spins?


I would definitely go for the grey or black if you are into slightly slicker finishes.

(ClockMonsterLA) #205

So does this mean there are three colors being made: raw, gray, and black?