The Ti-Vayder Experience

(Justin ) #206

I believe so, according to this statement in the original post.

(ClockMonsterLA) #207

BTW, my understanding was that you can’t anodize titanium. I presume, then, that these colors will be achieved through physical vapour deposition (PVD)?

(InvaderDust) #208

You can ano Ti, its just done with a different technique. Also you cant get a true red with Ti, and black is done via PVD.

(Jared ) #209

@zslane you can anodize! But it’s way different. I’ve done it myself on knives. It requires electricity more than chemicals like aluminum anodizing. It also has less of a color spectrum. Reds and black are out. Mostly blues, purples, bronze and greens. I still want to see flamed ones though! I did the knife and pen with 9v batteries. The guy who did the knife scales was crazy and used a torch!


(Gethin) #210

Haha I’ll board that hype train!


Just to comment on these again, Jeff did say that he was going to be selling these at just above cost, and if there was any extra, or profit, it would be donated to Purple Yoyo. Yes, Sub $200 is a good price for a company to sell a titanium at. But again, the original intention, as mentioned in the first post of this thread, was that Jeff would be making a large order of these to get the price low and then sell them at a low price, so that “everyone can get a chance to enjoy the magic of this legendary yoyo”. Some of the other independent ti releases that have been made have been $150-180, and that is with the person behind it making a profit.

So I’d say that if these are not the intentions now, as it is beginning to feel, that should be stated.


Am I the only one here who remembers the past??? Why would anyone ever trust this guy??

({John15}) #213

That was like 7 years ago man. Honestly, it’s all on him to do right from here on out.

(Jim Honaker) #214

I believe in redemption, and the past should never be forgotten. But we can’t continue to remain fixated in the past. Ultimately though this is very much a @codinghorror project and I do have trust in him.


Even OJ got a second chance :joy:


When he brings in his bloody gloves I’ll forgive him.

(Jim Honaker) #217

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple for being terrible. He was eventually given a second chance.


You guys can do what you want my money is staying in my pockets.


Not the only one. It’s a very interesting project, but the more it gets talked about, quite frankly, some things aren’t adding up. In another thread it was said that this is now an official Vs. Newton project, or collaboration. This project seems to have made a lot of twists in a matter of 5 days :thinking:

I’m all for people moving forward, being forgave and given a second chance, but there needs to a good track record of them moving away from their past.

(ClockMonsterLA) #220

Twists which were probably inevitable once Heath was officially on board. Twists which, quite frankly, are pretty minor in my view. Nothing has raised any red flags for me so far. But then, I wasn’t burned by Heath in the past, nor am I prone to imagining the worst possible outcome and basing my actions on that no matter how low its likelihood.

(Jacob Waugh) #221

You did not just compare yo-yos and [not saying it but you get the point].


Was a joke :wink:

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Lol ik.


Allow me to further clarify:

  • no money is coming my way
  • I have made zero of the decisions involving quantity and price sold for. I gave opinions when asked, but those decisions were and are ultimately up to Jeff.
  • I tested the proto and gave the project an official collaboration green light, and will be hand testing each individual yoyo after production before shipping them to whomever Jeff sees fit.

I know that that still isn’t enough for some of you, and I have to accept that. I am currently in discussion with Andre on how to proceed with VsN from here, but this release isn’t really mine to halt, and could have been done regardless without any legal action should Jeff had not been so kind as to seek my blessing.


Thank you for that openness and clarification Heath :+1: