The Ti-Vayder Experience

(Jordan Blofeld) #86

How do you feel about the knockoffs I made?

(Jacob Waugh) #87

The technology wasn’t as exact back then?


Hmmmm. This is an interesting concept. I would love to get my hands on one of these.

However, we should all only be backing this if the person who owns the design gives his blessing.

It is a great idea that codinghorror is making this available for the community and I’m sure it has been done with all good intentions in mind. I for one would have a slim chance of owning or even just throwing the Ti-Walker, one of the most highly rated YoYos of all time, so this opportunity sounds like a blessing, so thank you for putting in the work and coin to make this possible. Can YoYoers get Nobel prizes for being a community hero?

I’d imagine that owners of the original Ti-Walker could be disheartened by this idea, maybe it could de-value what they already possess. (But like all things, value is relative). I doubt this will be the case if this copy comes into fruition, everyone knows the reputation of the Ti-Walkers and they will always be sought after in this community, the same way OG peaks are still of high value despite the peak 2 release.

Looking at this project from Heath’s point of view, I can understand the concern he has. It could have been handled differently, but it hasn’t so we have to make the best of it. From someone who possibly feels like he needs redemption from the community, it will be hard for him to say no to this project without annoying more people, so it kind of puts him in a difficult position.

If this throw is to happen, we should respect Heath’s wishes with the outcome, after all it is his design and without it we wouldn’t have (this) legendary yoyo in existence.

This is all just my opinion on the subject. I really would love to own this new Ti-Walker and I love the idea behind it. Cudos goes out to everyone involved, from the original to the new concept. Hopefully this can be made with all parties kept happy.


I didn’t care for it, and unless I’ve missed an attempt at communication or had a mild stroke between pre production and now this is the first time I hear from you directly about the project.

With that said, I took it on the chin as a means to atone for my past sins. I’d still like to throw/own one at some point as it is a bootleg part of my legacy, but like this, it could have been handled better.


At this point it’s honestly too late for that.

I also think the very slight changes between the are necessary to accurately pay homage to the Original while also addressing the reality that it is an 8 year old design.

(Jordan Blofeld) #91

I don’t think I did try to contact you which is why you didn’t see a communication attempt. I figured (and still feel this way) that it was changed plenty enough to make it a derivative work and not a complete copy. Looking at it, all that was really copied was the shape.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really care what anyone thinks. I had my goals and I was happy with them. I did publicly state that I won’t make more when you restarted the VsNYYC instagram account though. The only reason I wanted to do it was because it was safe to assume you were never going to make more. Maybe it wasn’t so safe to assume that but given the evidence at the time, it was (and still is) a stretch to believe you’re going to make more yoyos.

That’s my take. I’m not going to say any more on the matter, I just wanted to know how you felt.

I appreciate your stance on it though, thanks for sharing. If you want to ask me more, I’ll be an open book in private massages.


No worries. I agree the design is substantially less a Ti Walker than this which is another reason that I didn’t really make a fuss about it.

I’d still like to throw one at some point.

(Jordan Blofeld) #93

If I’m at Worlds this year, I’ll bring one and find you (if you’re also there)


I don’t think I or the community is ready for a public appearance yet, but I appreciate the gesture.



Well done Code and Mark! Looks like I’m saving for my first Ti


Wow looks awesome! That photo of the OG TiWalker brings back memories.

Oh and hello everyone! It’s been awhile. :slight_smile:


That black looks incredibly slick.

(Victorian YoYos) #99

Literally me :joy:


Yeah, this is something that always concerned me. I was always worried about slightly overturning it and breaking through.


Holy ■■■■ is that the real Jason Wong?!?! Like the anodizer who I’ve been diggin up mad pictures of their work?!?! If that’s you, I love your work. And wish you came back to do more.

I really need to find a piece of your work for my collection. :ok_hand:t3:

Again, I want the grey. Let’s make grey happen :joy:


Thank you! Yeah it’s me. Don’t anodize anymore but maybe I’ll get back into it one day. Too busy with work, moving, life. I still throw though! Thanks for the kind words on my prior work. :slight_smile:


For sure! I think I did read somewhere that you stepped away because life always does it’s thing, and that’s totally respectable! If you ever decide to cook more yoyos, definitely let the forum know!!!


You bet!

({John15}) #105

Oh, this is you! Cool man, nice to meet you! haha