The Ti-Vayder Experience

(Mk1 Yoyos) #246

Oh, my bad… I don’t think I’m very good at operational security. I forgot that it wasn’t public yet.

Not sure what else I know that isn’t public, but I’ll keep my mouth shut about anything else :slight_smile:

(Patrick Speer) #247

So what you are saying is they will go fast… lol :sob::weary::sob:


Will this be the first Ti yoyo to have a swirl on it?

({John15}) #249

Thanks a lot, Mark :roll_eyes::smile:

(ClockMonsterLA) #250

Maybe the “dark side” version will have Darth Maul style tribal patterns on it!

(Spinworthy Glen) #251

Well in that case, it sounds like this run isn’t all that big if it’s been done before.


Maybe they’ll all be banana scented!

Lol, but maybe…


Well, technically it is bigger now. Removing the ceramic bearing opened up a bit of budget and FPM preferred we fill that budget with more yo-yos rather than refunding… so the actual complete run size is now 536.

I am keeping the 36 for my own “special friends” purposes and those won’t be numbered though.

(Jacob Waugh) #254

Will you still mark them? Wondering if those 36 are going to be even closer to the original because they aren’t marked?

(Patrick Dressel) #255

special friends

Hey Jeff we haven’t caught up in a while how ya been :joy::joy::wink:


Incredibly doubtful


I closed the poll as we have enough data now, and made this update edit to the first post, which I am duplicating here so more people can see it.

Since there were more than a few requests for specific numbers, I think this will be possible with our fulfillment service… but you need to square your desire for a specific number with your desire for specific colorways, as you can see above :point_up:

The overall numbering sequence was @HVizier’s idea… you go from the “light side” to the “dark side” over time :wink:

(Oh and just to emphasize, we won’t be using leading zeros on the numbers when engraving in case the protos having “000” on them spooked you.)


This also doesn’t mean you won’t see other Ti-Vayders in the wild that aren’t these colors. Merely that these are the standard release colors.

(ClockMonsterLA) #259

Other colors would have to come in a future run though, since the totals for the three “standard release colors” add up to 500, which is the total size of this run, right?

(Justin ) #260

How will be be able to request a specific number?


Some numbers will be pulled by Heath, I think 5 total. He’s earned that right as the creator, I think :wink:

We may do special stuff with some of the 36 extras, and there may be b-grades delivered on top of that. We’re not entirely sure yet.


Not completely incorrect, but not correct either.

The total serialized run is 1-500

The total run is 536.

Anything you see outside of those colors will be rather special.


The number reservations would be done through the fulfillment service Jeff spoke about.

Posting about it here will unfortunately do you no good.


Y’all can create a number topic to express desire and dibs on specific numbers. Don’t do it here.

Do not do this.

My official response is: no guarantees on number reservations but I’ll do my best, if I can make it happen, I will.

We’re not doing this, sorry!

(ClockMonsterLA) #267

So the special colors will belong to the 36 “extra” yoyos, which only get in the hands of some inner circle of friends (and others anointed with special privilege) of the makers. If the goal is to make a set of yoyos even more sought after in the collector market than the original TiWalker, I think you will succeed handsomely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: