The Ti-Vayder Experience

Even if everybody bought 2, I think it takes a significant amount of time to sell even to 250 different customers. Sure $140 is an awesome price, but a lot of people don’t even have $140 to spend on a yoyo. I think the boutique yoyo companies with small drops have kind of given the impression that there is mad crazy demand for yoyos out there. The fact is that it’s probably the same 50 dudes each time trying for those hot drops - dudes with cash and the willingness to hit them. But that makes everyone else think it’s impossible to get one of those yoyos.

I would really be interested in total number of active, purchasing yoyo players who are up on the scene and care about hot drops. I think there are way less of us than people think.

That’s why I’m so interested in sales numbers. I think it would be a really interesting way to gauge the size of our community.


I remember the Ti-Yo being $125 also. I didn’t purchase one, but they were definitely cheaper than $175 according to my memory…


I ordered a black. I hope to get 404!!! If not can someone link where the number trading post is


My order # is 1083… assuming they may have started at order #1000 there have been 83 orders. That wouldn’t translate to how many yoyos though due to people buying more than one on the same order. If 1.5 is the average purchase then ~125 are sold.

So many possible flaws in that math lol.


Over 100 are already gone.

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I mean the story I just read said that OD “typical” run is 400 yo-yos and those don’t last too long so there has to be a couple hundred out there buying a lot of yo-yos.


Clock’s ticking…

Interesting! I was just going to ask what the run size of a common widely owned yoyo was. Maybe there are more of us than I thought.

Now where are all the Colorado people!?!?! I can only shake like 5 out of the trees to come throw and hang out!


I actually just found my receipt from Kickstarter on it this past weekend and threw it away. I’m 99% certain it was $125 from Kickstarter. Paypal only goes back to June 2016 so I can’t confirm. Going to text Sonny and see what he remembers.

I think something changed on that archived Kickstarter, those prices don’t seem right. The black pvd I remember being $195, the brushed being $175.

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No doubt. I’m not expecting these to sell out today. It has no retail partner aside from Andre allowing Jeff to use his forum to this degree.

All it has is word of mouth and hype. Based on that the project is going quite well.


First day total sales will be so interesting! I would think first day would be bomb, then a substantial drop off, but this is all total conjecture.

I’m a stats and analysis dude by trade and honestly enjoy numbers so this is not only super fun from the yoyo angle but just the uniqueness of this sales exercise. Very interesting and cool project you guys!!! Props to you @codinghorror and @HVizier


My absolute favorite thing to do for VsNYYC runs was to watch the quantity drop down to 0 on retail stores.


Do you have Auto Fill?

Nothing wrong with that!

The Ti-Yo was seemingly made to produce the cheapest titanium yoyo possible with the goal of putting a Ti yoyo in as many hands as possible. Regardless of whether it was cheaper than $140 or not it met those goals.

I can only hope this project attains it’s goals as well.

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Maybe try it on a different browser?


Oh man I’m so excited. In for a grey! This will be my first high end yoyo, and first purchased for full retail price. I’m kind of new to the hobby but this seems like such a cool thing to be a part of :slight_smile:


Excellent! I hope you enjoy it!


Was a continuation of the BSP. It was a mash up of the Kuntosh and BSP. The goal wasn’t making a low price ti, or putting it in a lot of peoples hands (I believe around 125 were made) it was a design that Sonny wanted made and worked with Mike Bond to do it. The fact that it was a titanium, fully designed and machined in the USA, and made profits at the prices it sold at is pretty cool. It’s a really fun yoyo, but different than a Walker/Vayder.


I wasn’t able to complete it on a web browser. I ended up using Google Pay through my phone’s browser instead of the normal checkout that wouldn’t load at all.