Ti-Vayder Number Swap

Im sures there’s going to be some who are looking for Specific Numbers, so why not make a single Post? Also it might be a long shot since they might be received by someone who isnt using The Forum or it just hasnt been shipped (If they Dont Sell Out).

Im Looking for a 7,8 Raw and a 411 Black (of course Id pay or throw in some Yo’s as a Thank You)

Edit: Ill list here what numbers i get, But i did Buy a Raw and Black


I’m looking for #55 raw.

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I would really like the #321, it has a specific emotional value to me and is my lucky number as well.


69 plz


182 Grey pretty please.

Will have a Grey to swap for it.


I bought a black and want a 404. Willing to trade mine if you get it !


444, just for the pun. If not, may they be with you.


Maybe someone could put a publicly accessible Google Sheet together so everyone’s requests are easy to find and parse out.

I make this suggestion because if I end up with a number someone wants, I’m not going to pour through this thread to find out who they are. Someone’s gotta make it a whole lot easier.


This is a fantastic idea!

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Ill definitely make one, when i have time, if no one has made it by then


I want 420

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Do we still have the original list that was the number request list. That could add a “have” column. So you could put what you have and what you want is already there.


LF: #3! (complete sentence.

I would like 42

So this might complicate things but do we know which numbers are associated with which colors? I’m assuming it will be a relatively even split, but if if someone was looking for #234 in black and everything below #300 is either raw or grey it’s going to throw a wrench in the works of the whole swap. I want 343

The numbers and their corresponding color are here somewhere. I’ll be on the road all day. Maybe someone can find them for you.

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Here you go.


I have a Raw and Black on the way. If they are 13, 69, 99, 111, or 420 I’m keeping them because I am an adult. If they are literally anything else, I am happy to part with them if anyone wants one or both.


Thanks man!

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I made a google sheet with the numbers and break down. I also copied over the old “want” sheet so some peoples wants are already in.

Anyone can comment on a cell and ask for something to get added. If someone else wants the ability to add just PM me.

Edit: Added all the requests in this thread.
@One4All want to add the link to the top post?
@zslane Done, at the moment I’m the only one that can edit but completely willing to give other access
@Jhonaker done and copied :slight_smile:
@Snorlax I added the color to the sheet so it’s easy to see which are which.