Ti-Vayder Number Swap

The hero we deserve.

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Someone can remove my name from 404; I ended up buying raw and grey.


Getting a raw. Would love to get 15 (anniversary) 23 (birthday) or 44 (yoyo, though I don’t see anyone giving this up)

I can see this kind of thought interfering with the effectiveness of this thread in all honesty. People may have to give up something extra to exchange for the more desirable numbers. I kind of abandoned the idea of being able to pick a number once coding announced they werent going to do it due to logistics.

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@eternalmetal done and I agree, this will likely end up being more a list of people who have a TiVayder but if it helps one person and it’s fun might be worth it.

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It says the google doc is locked from editing unless you have permission. Please make it open for edit so I can add my name to a couple. Would like to trade for 234 or 321 ideally (maybe a couple others instead if those aren’t available).

done. just play nice :wink:


I don’t see that lasting, but that’s up to y’all.

Now it lets me comment but not put my name in the box :stuck_out_tongue: please let me know if I’m missing something

Dang now I can’t decide which color to get.

Why is 44 a number that not many people would give up?

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In Japanese, 44 can be read as “yo-yo.”


Decided to go with a grey one after all so I’m out of the running for 343. 248 or 141 would be cool though. Once I figure out how to edit it on my phone I’ll add those changes

45 and 348 added!

got a black 341,would like something ending with 0 in the grey-black range or 233 333 303 404 444 or some mirroring number

I got you #22 @8bitviet


Guess I probably should have updated my request. I only grabbed a black, 352. My bad.

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Whoever gets #77…you can go ahead and send it to me…cause it’s obviously suppose to be mine…

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I got a black, but I’m itching to try swap for a raw or grey.

though I want to keep my original box and all them fancy string :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


About to put #45 raw on various BSTs. Let me know if anyone wants it!

Brand new in box with unused lightsaber string set. Selling for cost, $140. Shipping CONUS is on me, as I really should not have purchased two. I don’t know what I was thinking, lol.