The "This Yoyo Is A Keeper" Thread

I’m not just talking about the yoyos that you like right now. I’m talking about those few yoyos in your case that you wouldn’t in a million years even consider selling or trading. Mine are:

-CLYW Canvas
-CLYW Wooly Marmot
-CLYW Gnarwhal

What are yours?

OD Bluegrass Code 1
OD Bape 54


OD 54, for sure. ILYY Falcon, Marmot

higby 888

Werrd Pacquiao
X3 steamroller
any DV888
Code 1
SPYY Ronin
Tom Kuhn no-jive & RD1
and my latest: C3 winning bird (the thing is a BEAST)

Every yoyo I’ve ever touched.

Seconded O0

General yo Ministar
5 Star (Man, this thhing can take a BEATING!)

09’ 888

My Canvas.

Any of my yoyos will go for a good enough offer, but these are the ones that are tough to get from me.

07 888
G5 555
SPYY Radian MKll (#222 ;))
YYJ Legacy (only because I started on one of these)

Does your canvas have a little bit of vibe? Mine does.

0 vibe. Mine plays perfect. Maybe it’s because I got it straight from Chris and Jensen signed it and drew something awesome on it :()

But actually, Jensen was talking to us about how if you could tune a yoyo to have the perfect amount of vibe it could play longer and possibly spin longer.

“tune a yoyo to have the perfect amount of vibe”

What precisely does that mean? I thought “vibe” was something you none of what so ever, so the perfect amount would be 0. How would one tune their throw to have vibe at a perfect level.

Teach me O Great Guru of Yo.


I’m not sure. It was crazy :o

He dinged his peak and was like “No more vibe, haha”

Actually, I collect yoyo as my savings. All would go if I need money.
Especially to start a family, I plan to marry my girl in the near future.

But I do have some keeper.
My rev yo kahiji, and my genesis, three or my genesis.

If you need to rely on yoyos for $. YOUR ARE NOT READY!!! Good luck!