The Tea Lovers Thread!

dont buy it off amazon, check your local grocery, every grocery i checked has it. its good, try it!

Definitely will see if Mine has it, i love my HEB…SO awesome. So yeah, will try it out.

same brand also has eggnog tea, pumpkin spice tea, and white chocolate tea. SO GOOD!

magic words you chanted there, White Chocolate…O MAH GAWSH…so…smexy sounding…I…am getting really thirsty…be back in a few…lol

if your grocery is still open, go for it! srsly! and goood night im friggin pooped from the brony thread thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aw…good night…lol

LOL why am i not sleeping yet… am i sleep replying?

You’re just like me…If I get hooked on these forums, I eventually just go to sleep…When the sun rises. lol

good morning bump, having some iced green tea with breakfast.

Chamomile for me, so stressed, both from this, and home things, and college…But now I am relaxed, clam, and can speak freely and correctly. Gotta love what a good tea can do for you.

sometimes i bring tea to school in an azn tea thermos thingy. at lunch im just like aaahhhhh…

I do the same for college. Tea is awesome.

Woke up randomly and had to reply to some work email. Decided I wanted something to drink but since it’s 3:45am and I need to get back to sleep had to choose something decaffeinated so I made some Orzo.

I don’t normally like flavored or herbal teas at all, but this stuff is different:

From Wikipedia:
“Caffè d’orzo (Italian for “coffee of barley”), often shortened to simply orzo, is a type of hot drink, originating in Italy. Orzo is a caffeine-free roasted grain beverage made from ground barley (orzo in Italian, from Latin hordeum).[1] It is an espresso-style drink, and when prepared from the roasted barley directly, it can easily be made in typical espresso machines and coffeemakers . Although traditionally considered a coffee substitute for children, it is an increasingly common choice in Italy and other places for those who choose to eschew caffeine for health reasons.”

It tastes a lot like a cross between coffee and tea. Love it.


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good night bump. some apple cider today for a change!

Southern style sweet tea with a good breakfast of leftover chicken Marsala …mmm.

Peace tea…mmmmmmm…


I’ve been wanting to get into this. I love iced tea like Arizona and sips but I’ve always wanted to try some actual tea. Any recommendations? I don’t want anything too strong yet.

yay! try some chinese tea called

“ti kuan yin” its mild and refreshing! or some plain old lipton green tea should suffice!