The Tea Lovers Thread!

ive seen some people that love tea. discuss here! from mio to milk tea, japanese tea to arizona!

I love Chinese tea, mainly because it is the only good tea I can get around here. Some of my faves are:

Ti kuan yin (mmm, perfectly balanced oolong)
Bi lo chun (smokey)
Shinyang mao jin (good stuff!)
Keemun (a Chinese black tea)

…And an honourable mention to Lapsang Souchon (Indian smoked tea), just for being different.

you said it! i LOVEE ti kuan yin. i feel so calm, awake and relaxed all at the same time after i drink the stuff!

I love chai… Its good stuff, hot or cold. Arizona is great too.
Also, English breakfast tea with honey is great for sore throats.

^ lol, I’m a bit of a purist - so I like my tea to contain tea and nothing else.

Right now I’m enjoying Wuyi Shu Xian. It’s not the best tea in the world, but I felt like something a bit darker. It’s an oolong. The leaves look black, but when you take a closer look you can still see bits of green.

Would love to try grow my own cuppa!

I’m a bit like frodoslair. No sugar, no milk, just tea.

I’ll drink a bit of everything but earl grey is my go to.


earl grey with a bit of milk is heavenly.

i like arizona and rockstar tea

Mio counts?

I love mio.

i guess so…

It’s not really tea.

It’s more of a mix.

c-mon who else likes tea??? :o

I just like green tea

what about milk tea?

I just tried “Peace Tea” Razzleberry Tea for the first time tonight. It’s quite good. It’s full flavored and not overly sweet. It’s very refreshing.


I love Chai, Chamomile, Southern Style Sweet, Earl Grey, and a bunch of other teas…Not very picky, unless its lemon…I hate lemons in tea, dunno why. I love lemonade, I love tea, hate lemon tea.

I love tea, especially with sugar and milk.  English breakfast, ceylons, assams, etc.

A particularly tasty and unique black tea is Cookie tea from Lupicia:

It tastes exactly like a caramel cookie with sugar and milk!


anybody here try apple cider tea from bigolow? its yummy! and i remember a cookie flavored tea from a specialty tea shop. also teavana is awesome! i freeload of the samples lol ;D

Sounds good! I love, AND I MEAN LOVE, APPLE CIDER!!!