Coffee VS Tea

The great debate.


Oh man ,I love both equally ,but I’ll have to go with tea.

Tea. Not the gross, sweet dunkin donuts crap. good, regular earl grey with a little bit of 2% milk.

i like ice tea sweeeeet ice tea. But that makes since cause im from georgia.

go dawgs

Honestly I prefer coffee, but my cardiologist took the good stuff away from me so now I drink tea. >:( Tea’s alright, it comes in such a wide variety of flavors. ::slight_smile:

I drink a lot of ice tea.

Tea FTW. especially azn tea! i do like coffee though!


Coffee is for those who are helplessly addicted to caffeine.

Tea is for people so helplessly addicted to caffeine they don’t realize tea has caffeine too.

not as much.

Which is only your excuse to feed your addiction!

Tea has around 15-70mg of caffeine per 8oz as coffee has 80-135mg

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I love both!

You guys can take something a trivial as drinking tea or coffee and make it such a fun joust!

Attention Iced Tea Fan: Drink A Peace Tea!!! Probably the greatest canned tea I’ve ever drank. And it’s cheap too! It’s like $.99 at most places. Sometimes cheaper.

I would have to go with coffee on this one although I only like it black. What people don’t realize is that coffee has the same amount of caffeine no matter how strong it is.

Green Tea :wink:

I also recommend this but moreso because as Coca Cola employee, your Peace Tea purchase eventually ends up in my pocket. I’m equally supportive of your enjoying Nestea and Honest Tea.

But, on topic, let’s be real. Coffee da best.

Coffee. When I’m working, especially on the farm I down a couple cups with some type of pastry to get my body going. Plenty for the cold, some for fishing in the early summer mornings when we go fishing. Yet the caffeine doesn’t really hit me bad. I can replace with hot cocoa, but coffee has a better taste.

Coffee beans and bacon are all a cowboy needs to survive. That and a pretty girls smile.