Tea Lovers Unite! :)

Old thread was buried so here’s a new one :slight_smile:
Can anyone recommend a new black tea? I’ve only been drinking Earl Grey and Lady Grey with varying amounts of bergamont.
Also been digging Dragon Jasmine Pearls (or something of that nature) really good white/green tea. I couldn’t tell I just bought it off impulse from a tea shop :slight_smile:
I’m picky about green tea. I really like the more natural tasting green tea.
Fruit flavored tea is icky. But I have a feeling blueberry tea would be great iced.

I dont do much with tea, but I have a steeping thing and love jasmine pearls, but they are sooo expensive. First time I got some at teavana it was 70$, but its still here so it lasted a while

DUDE! WASSUP! I miss this thread!

Umm lemme see… Black tea huh? Thats probably the tea i most disregard, and im personally only fond for the teas you mentioned.

For white tea, i am of peony white.

For green, which is my favorite tea, i really like hogi cha. This is a japanese roasted tea that has a very earthy roasted flavor. Im also fond of gen mai cha, which is japanese brown rice tea!

Also dont disregard chinese oolong tea. Ti kuan yin is my personal favorite, i belive its fermented a bit. (SuperSns this is what i sent you a while back)

I drink Arabic Black Tea for family reasons (protip: it tastes absolutely horrendous)

Earl Grey…Uncle Iroh status:P

PG Tips is where it’s atttt

nigga pleeze… if you want flavoursome greeen tea, look no furher than Bi lo Chun. Rich, smoky. My favourite

Pg tips are pretty good! I’m looking around at more green teas but I’m huge on black tea black tea black tea :slight_smile: just something about it. Maybe the bergamot?


Green tea with a hint of lime is what I usually drink


I like tea with cinnamon in it sooo good. That and I also like green tea. I’m not very picky there’s a little tea place near where I live and its sooo good!

Vanilla Chai.

It’s all about straight up Assam. If you’re feeling like that’s a little too violent then good ole English Breakfast gets the job done. If you’re feeling like a pick-me-up Assam with a little pinch of Darjeeling.

Chai is good when its really cold outside…

Spearmint or Peppermint is amazing in ANY kind of weather…

Blueberry is for sipping casually in a garden on a spring day…

Apple cinnamon is for people who live in log cabins…

Green is good when you add lots of cream…

And Constant Comment… OH how I LOVE Constant Comment…

S3V’s Tea Guide.

Today’s cup: Xinyang Maojing.

Had some bentleys green tea today :slight_smile:

My tea shop of choice: