The Sexy Beast

Metal weight rims…

H-Shape profile…

Interchangable beairng sizes standard…

Maple wood body.

The Sexy Beast. It’s coming. Do you feel Lucky?

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ROFLOL LOLZ You are my hero. :smiley:

I’m actually serius about this yoyo. I’m planning on making it as soon as I can map out some dimensions and stuff. The names really just a prototype.

Are you serious? I thought you were kidding in the Best yoyo thread. lol

Aren’t wieght ring patented by YYJ, unless its on the inside of the hub.

Other wise, this looks sounds cool.

I’d have to attatch the rings differently, but yeah they’re on the outside.

  1. don’t use the word ‘sexy’ to describe a yo-yo. or ‘sexay’. or ‘secksay’. or ‘pure sex’. or ‘smexy’. to do so makes you sound as if you have no real context for the word ‘sexy’.

Rules of yoyoing by Ed Haponik.

LOLZ Sorry I couldn’t resist. :smiley:

It wood be cool if it was like the Jazz-Yo Saturn’s rings. :wink:

Well, I could kinda care less what Ed Haponik thinks so, yeah.

I was joking. Hence, I couldn’t resist

Sorry lolz.

Sorry for the double post.

But yes, I have thought about the Saturn ring idea, and I just don’t see it working out.
I want the Sexy Beast to be a real player, not just a novelty. Good idea though. :wink:


I think your life would be much easier if you did an all aluminum yoyo. If so, CAD/SolidWorks is a great program. :wink:

You’re right, all aluminum would be easier, but there’s no such thing as the yoyo I described in my first post. So that’s I want to make one.

Well, there was the Jamboo, don’t forget. But you’ll be having a tought time with inertia and density. If you want to talk more in-depth PM me.

I thought about that, that’s why I need the maple body to be as dense and heavy as possible without exceeding the weight of the metal rings, in order to keep a rim weighed focuse.

You got PM.

Why do you keep changing your name? It’s getting weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

^ lol
Anyway how will you be making this? from hand by metal lathe?
or by cnc?

just out of curiosit, what’s your plan for making the interchangable bearing sizes?