"The Right Stuff: Permatext 1 Minute Gasket" Silicone Review

I have been working in the automotive parts industry for a few years now. “The Right Stuff” is a RTV silicone that has only been out for a couple of years now. For automotive purposes, it is supposed to form a gasket in a very short time, not having to cure for 24 hours making repairs faster. So, after learning to sili my yoyos, I thought that this would be worth a try to see if I could play more often.

The silicone comes in either in a pressurized 3 oz can or 6 oz can, and comes in black or grey. It is quite expensive, $12 for a 3 oz can. But, it is about $4 for a 1.5 oz tube of standard RTV silicone. So, it really isn’t that much more per oz.

The pressurized makes it easy to fill the sili recess. I have had other non-flowable sili response fail because I could not see a bubble, and it can be difficult to keep constant pressure on the tube to prevent the bubble from forming. The pressurized can is easy to work: you just press the nozzle, and the can makes its own pressure, and forces the sili into the recesses quite well.

The Right Stuff forms a gasket in one minute, but it takes longer to fully cure. To use it as response, you need to wait for it to fully cure. This takes about 4 to 6 hours with The Right Stuff, instead of the regular 24 for flowable and standard RTV. I just love how fast it cures. I can sili my yoyo before I go to work, and it is ready when I come home. Or, I could sili it right before I go to bed, and it is ready the next day.

The Right Stuff makes a fairly good response. It is not as grippy as flowable, and lasts much longer. In aluminum, flowable lasts about a week for me, while THE Right Stuff lasts a couple of months, like standard RTV. The Right Stuff wears down kind of like a Duncan friction sticker, where the material gets worn away over time. This could affect string life, but I have not noticed anything. Because it wears away in this fashion, I usually smooth the sili out flush with the yoyo wall instead of a slight concave. That way it can last a little longer before being slippy. This has not affected the unesponsiveness, but I also play my bearing dry, except the Center-Trac.

In conclusion, I really like this stuff. The price is a little steep, but that is the biggest downside. It cures much faster than other silicone, which is especially good if you only have one or two throws. It is fairly easy to get good results, but I do find using flowable to be easier.

For its performance, I find The Right Stuff to be better than flowable. Standard RTV may be better, but harder to use. At least for me. However, they do put standard RTV in pressurized cans, so I do plan on trying that soon.

In my opinion, this is the right stuff for yoyo response.

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Great write up. I have used this product in the past for it’s intended purpose and have been satisfied. I was wondering about it’s application on the yoyo. I have 6 tubes of flow-able right now so it will have wait a little while but I’ll give it a shot too now. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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