differences between gasket makers


differences between the red rtv gasket maker and the normal permatex flowable silicone for windshields and stuff (basically the stuff sold on yye)


red is “high temp”
meaning it can withstand hotter temperatures, which makes no difference for yoyoing.
normal stuff (these numbers aren’t right, but they’re in the general ball park I think) can withstand around 450-550, whereas red high temp can withstand like 650-750.

last I checked, a yoyo doesn’t get that hot though. lol


Are you sure about that? I think Mickey wears those gloves because he’s burning that yoyo up!


o ok


Flowable silicone is easier to apply to a yoyo since it basically flows into a groove but flowable silicone doesn’t last as long as Gasket Maker and is somewhat grippier. Gasket Maker is a thick silicone, that is a little harder to apply but can last longer than flowable. All silicone is RTV, which stands for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, which means it dries at room temperature.


how long does normal permatex silicone last?


It can last a long time.

I don’t personally agree with people saying that flowable doesn’t last as long. But, my experience isn’t really with the other kinds of RTV silicone.


the rtv I get from the 99 cent store lasts quite some time. atleast a month if done properly, I’d say.


Once a month isn’t all that bad, although that doesn’t sound like a very long time. I mean, I could live with a monthly maintenance routine. I’d prefer a longer time between maintenance though.

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I didn’t get mine from the dollar store but mine lasts for like 3-4 months.


once a month was a bit of an underestimate. I’ve only had to change it once in my lunatic. and I got my lunatic about 8 or 9 months ago. so about 3 or 4 would definitely be a much better estimate.


That seems pretty much like what normal response pads should last.

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Funny cause I went right through my Raptors pads in about 3 weeks.

Yeah, I play those particular ones every day.