The Protostar by YYF

I don’t really have the patience to wright a full review, and I don’t know how to upload pictures, so I’ll keep it short.

I got my Protostar last thursday, and untill today when i threw my cream for I haven’t played anything else.

Don’t be fooled by the toyish looks and the low price, this yoyo is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing (or perhaps a plastic in metall clothing). Due to the metall weightrings and the centertrack bearing it’s soooo stable, and it spins for ages. The H-shape feels just right in the hand.

If I was to compare it to another yoyo, i would say it could have been the prodigy son of the Legacy and the G5, The PGM being the slightly less talented cousin.

The weight is 67.1 grams, though due to the large diameter (55.9mm) it feels quite light in the hand. The width is 42.75mm, which feels just right.

My only complaints is the logotype on the hub. I think it’s a bit too much, and that it makes it look cheap and toyish, it’s a matter of taste i suppose, and well, it is both cheap and a toy. The second complaint would be that it plays quite loud, I tried to silence it a bit with lube, without success. No big deal though. Thumbgrinding is close to impossible, and if YYF ever releases a second version I would recommend them to trim the hubcaps.

Some people compare this to metal yoyos, and as far as plastic goes it’s not to far away from my metals. But with metal weightrings one should remember that it’s not an all plastic yoyo, and therefore shouldn’t be compared to all platics like the pgm or the cream in performance. With the pricetag it definitly gives the metals a run for the money though.

I really recommend this yoyo. It’s probably the most priceworthy yoyo currently on the market. It outplays any of my other plastic yoyos. A beast really.

well for a quick review i guess it’s pretty good, but really you should practice patience and i bet a full review would turn out pretty good.

people compare it to metals :o

Well said. another thing, you could’ve put this information in your old post by modifying it.


Can you grind with it?

The rims are plastic, so unless it has a special finish, it probably won’t grind very well when compared to metals or metal rimmed yoyos.

Unlike the pgm or any metal, the surface gets a bit sticky, rather limited in the aspect of grinding i’d say

Great Review! I really want one of these lol

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It competes with metals really well IMO…

totally, except in grinds like Zavod said cause the plastic is so grippy if you know what i mean

Yeah. But some metals don’t gring also…you’re still right for the most part though.