The polishing fad is back

Well, world’s and werrd have definitely brought it back to the table. I’m cool with it personally.

What do you all think of it?


“Back”? I didn’t think it ever left.


I really like the “stonewashed” look of some yoyos. shiny is fine, but what matters most to me is how well it grinds

I love the polishing finish it just looks so professional.

Ya know, i think it really depends on the yoyo. Nickel plated looks pretty sweet polished. And if i ever saw a chrome yoyo i would probably love the look of it.

I was never aware that the fad left.

I was fully expecting this exact post

From yoyospirit also!

Wellll, he polished it so hard it’s got holes in it now.


Explains why he said there wasn’t enough material to deepen the response groove… he dun polished it all away!!!

Since we have some experienced polishers here, I have a question:

Obviously a freshly polished yoyo looks beautiful, but how well does it hold it’s shine against fingerprints and the like? Is it like Titanium that seems to stay all sparkley and nice, or more like a raw yoyo which quickly tarnishes under one’s smudgy fingers?

On a finely polished yoyo, the polish should be able to hold up for some time. If the user is careful and wipes off the yoyo after using it, the polish won’t fade for a long time. And if it does begin to show signs of tarnishing, a simple polish with some aluminum polish will shine it back up like new. The reason why titanium stays fresh for so much longer is because titanium is a harder material than aluminum, meaning the surface is harder to scratch as well, coupled with the fact it will not tarnish/is resistant against tarnishing.

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Brilliant, thanks for the quick and concise reply. :slight_smile:

i polished my 2008 888 last night and it is shiny and looks amazing. I think i may sand the rims of my shutter and shine them.

Man, those throws look so cool all shiny and polished. The mirror finish is awesome!

Always loved polished aluminum over nickel because nickel is kinda darker you know?

You may be used to seeing the nickel in a matte finish. The 50cal I nickel plated over a polish was insanely bright.

It’s unfortunate that yoyos dont stay quite as shiny after they are clear coat anodized.


That’s why I like the clear powder coat. Have a couple of mine that still look like the day they were done.