the Phenom bag...Is that safe?


so i was just window shopping around and saw the phenom bag. it has no Styrofoam. how does that keep you metals from clinking against each other, isnt that the point of having a yoyo case? what are your thoughts?

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i think its ment for you to choose the foam of your density, shape, and size to your liking.


i think its abit over priced for that


So many of the community just let their yoyos roll around in the bottom of their backpacks and such, putting them in this bad would keep the strings from wrapping up around other things in your bag, as well as just keep all the yoyos in one place.

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well you pay for brand name. you pay all the extra to have a bag that says PHENOM on it.

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If this is a problem a Cheap alternative would be to wrap the Yoyo’s itself in its own Box.
CLYW : Put it back in its box
Yoyofactory : may be troublesome but Yeah.
ILYY : The Pouch is a lifesaver.
Or just wrap them in Newspaper / Paper / Paper towels .

If you really dislike these and want Foam , Either order a one that comes with Foam I recommend Yomega , I know dont be hating On them Yomega’s Their bags are fairly decent.
Or just make the foam yourself

All you do is go to your local store [In my case Walmart]
Pick up some foam , Measure the box and use a fineliner and draw on the foam.
Then use some tools [ If your a bit lower of the age group to be handling knife’s , sharp objects , get your parents to do it.
Just look up a tutorial Im not gonna go through the whole process.

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People are too careful anyways.
I just toss my yoyos into a plastic shopping bag you get for chinese take-out and go.


I put my yo yo’s in socks.


That’s something I noticed and didn’t like about the Phenom bag: No compartments.

I like to keep my stuff looking nice. I know they are toys and meant to be thrown and all, but still, I like to take care of my stuff. I’d rather get something else for that kind of money.

I saw the Brett Grimes 3-years video. He was using a tool box that he inserted foam blocks into. I kind of like that idea. There’s also the YYE Competition Bag as well. For me, the YYE Medium bag is perfect.


That I am supposed to buy my own foam is ridiculous.

If I go to that trouble - what do I need the Phenom bag for? I can get any number of better, cheaper carrying bags to use. The whole idea is to save me the time of making my own - right? No, this item is simply poorly thought out and gives no value that I can see.

If the point is that I get a “Phenom” bag - then I think YYJ needs to get over itself a bit.

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I like the Phenom bag and don’t usually carry multiple yoyos around with me. I just leave my case in my room open on my desk and the Phenom case is great for that


Does that make it hard to put your shoes on or feel awkward with it on your feet lol
Jus sayin, dont like sweaty yoyos lol ;D


Minota Furuta and kengo kido do not use foam. I am pretty sure Tatsya Fujisaka does not have foam either. Minota has a phenom bag and keeps the yoyos from banging because he does not carry it like a briefcase but the way that waitors carry it flat like that. The reason you are paying 50-70 dollars for this is because it is name brand like someone said earlier. It is like big namebrand sunglasses like Louie Vuitton or Oakley.


Lots of people don’t care for foam. The phenom bad is so expensive because you’re paying for the name basically.

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Or Hiroyuki Suzuki. ;D


You can do whatever you want with it, haha.


go to a local sporting good store, and buy a hand gun case… it comes with foam inside it that you can cut to a desired size, its also a nice hard plastic with a hole for a pad lock… usually holds between 6 and 8 yoyos and about ten bucks

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Why so bold?
Phenom bag is legit, you can also be legit with the phenom bag.
Nuf said.


bigger is better… almost always

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