The Perfect Throw.

What is your idea of the perfect throw? The one yoyo that you would treasure forever, that would live up to your needs, what you look for in a yoyo. (Lol I sound so poetic :P)


A yoyo built for grinds, undersized, sharp for horizontal, great for the perfect thumb grind, full metal made with the best material in the universe, a yoyo that is dead smooth, indestructible(I never said it had to be realistic :P) and a stainless mirror polish that shines as bright as stars.

Don’t see why you need to threads but Ill just post it again anyways.

54 Diameter
43 Width
65 Grams
Organic and not angular enough to feel perfect in the hand, like it was molded around it but still angular enough to glide through the air. IRG necessary, must be stable and balanced as well as solid.
Beadblasted or regular anno option.

My perfect throw. I would call it “Prime.”

One was just meant to be names that you would want your signature yoyo to have and what it would be meant for (grinds, extreme sizes, off string, etc.) this one is for specifics.

I don’t have on,(to make up, not that advanced) but my friends dietz ( deitz) is my all time favorite ( out of all I’ve tried)

Titanium (doesn’t lose smoothness after sparking)
54 diameter…
47 width
65 grams or so
skittles annodized, but with light grey background instead of black
as smooth as an oxy

I would call it “The Tugboat”


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try the spyy addiction, those specs you listed are pretty much spot on, 43.5 width instead though,

it has in my opinion the best IRG I’ve ever tried, since compared to hubless yoyos the spike helps the top of the rim fall onto the thumb instead of the yoyo falling an inch and bouncing off,

You should try the Punchline


No more?

Mine is pretty much the mayhem.

The one the makes me immortal.

Or A god would be pretty good to.

Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 43mm
Size C Terrapin X
Nickel Plated
Sharper looking, kinda like a Noctu but not quite as dangerous


Super-thin titanium alloy body
Stainless steel or brass rim
65 grams
Super shiny
D-size center trac bering
Straight V-shape

I call it “the Holy Grail”.

68 grams
Hubstacks and a smooth shape with titanium.

A Clear metal yoyo with a constant purple glow that makes burritos while you throw it and has a sleep time of a hour it needs to be regular sized and it is impossible to dent like a Nokia I would call it “The Thing”

That is way too narrow.

20mm for what?

Probably width.