What's your perfect throw?

If you could make any yoyo using any prices or parts even ones you made yourself what would it have or be like?

It would be a Very Slightly smaller Genesis with a Nice SuperStar Gloss finish. :wink:



A longer spinning, bit more stable POPstar with onedrop side effects. Or a bit smaller 54 by Onedrop…

I would have a bimetal throw. The center walls would be made out of titanium and the rims would be brass. It would be fuzed together so that it looks like the titanium just transformed into brass, for a very natural clean look. And it would be 50mm. And since i wold be able to affort it, i would get one of the first runs for suggesting it.

An unbreakable yoyo that plays/grinds well.

to me a slightly taller yuuksta with silent hubstacks that dont throw off its stability

and the whole yoyo would be solid silver anodize

Something like a supernova that comes in purple or red with a really soothe finish and optional hub stacks… I would buy 2 or 3 so I can mix n match colors

Add a few grams to a PunchLine and give it a D bearing and a slightly smaller gap. Oh god.

probably a big yoyo like the darkmagic with hubstacks and it would be green, bimetal but not like the hitman pro more like the darkmagic 8)

ide have a yoyo like the size of a hectic but can do every style of play and can switch from rubber to metal rim

A full metal pprotostar with side effects

I want a yoyo ten feet in diameter, so you have to to have a crane or a really long arm to use it. It would be made out of inflatable titanium. Oh, also, I almost forgot, I would like it to have a size a bearing. And be invisible. So: Ten feet in diameter, made out of inflatable invisible titanium, size a bearing, with a thin carbon fiber string, no thinner than a tenth the width of a human hair. And it has to be purple, too. Invisible purple.

A Slipnir


another wedgie to play with, that’s my perfect throw. June vibes a bit on grinder but heck do I love it.

BA hattrick only a little smaller, <3333333

Classic Duncan Butterfly :wink:

A Genesis, but it would be 55mm and 64g with the ability to switch from SB to LB

A 28 stories hatrick with OD side effects. That would be SO COOL