The package is waiting for me

The package is somewhere in this house held hostage by the glutches of my mom. “get better grades and it will be yours” she say but my this is no longer a hobby, it’s an addiction. I’m breaking out into cold sweats and hives. I am also developing severe stomach cramps. I need to fuel my addiction I need that 100 pack of string that concave bearing that protostar. Help me…

Being a parent, I think you should do whatever she asks.

If your under 18 and still live with your parents, you have to abide by their rules. No butts.

That’s gonna be one dysfunctional household.

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Speaking from a nerd perspective I would say just figure out if there’s a smart kid you know personally. Why? Odds are they wont mind doing little things to be a kind of tutor that will really help you gain a better understanding of the things you need to learn in school. Grades go /\ yoyo come/ Mom goes ;D simple enough.

Get better grades!!! It’s worth it. When your 30’s and waiting tables. All the stuff in school I thought I’d never use… Well that stuff would really come in handy now. So my vote is grades 1st, yoyo 2nd. If you get a good job. Think of all the throws you will be able to buy.

If you’re getting hives from not having some string and a protostar, you have bigger problems than the fact that you want a yoyo.


Age doesn’t matter if you are living under someone Else’s roof.

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