So my dad took me to lunch today and asked me what I had ordered from YoYoExpert. Funny thing is, I haven’t, so I think my mom had ordered me something for Easter and my dad didnt know about it. Just thought this was pretty funny ;D


Sneaky mum is sneaky (and awesome).



you’re not supposed to know that right?


Oh Daaaad…


Oh he spoiled the surprise lol


Or he could be troll Dad and there is actually no parcel! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Well that kinda ruins the fun.


that would be hilarious.

(Cerulean) #9

Plot twist: It’s a Yomega Maverick


Plot Twist: butterfly xt


Plot twist: It’s a Hyperion


Plot Twist: Son only does 3a


I would love to get a yoyo for Easter. It would have to fit in a pretty big egg though :slight_smile:

(Cerulean) #14

I would rather have a butterfly xt than a mavaerick. Heck I’d rather have a regular butterfly.

(Erik Kerber ) #15

Plot twist: its a wooly marmot 2 :smiley:


Plot Twist: it’s a Hello Kitty Butterfly XT

(Owen) #17

Plot twist: It’s a kendama


Plot twist: i think it’s a summit ;D


My mom told me that she lost my christmas present, and i was like, you mean the one on your bookshelf?


Oh, yea… wait what? I dont get it