The "'OMIGOSH ITS HERE!!!' but it isnt?!!?!" thread.

so yesterday i ordered some speedcubes from amazon. I got a package from amazon today. i was like “WHUT!?!?!? they got my cubes here already?!!?” so, i tore open the package, and it was some of my moms stuff. :confused:

heh, i payed for 2 day shipping, who knows, it could have gotten here early :confused:

ive had that expirience with ALOT of j0j0s as well. any stories here?

Ordered an orange northstar got a cracked one instead ! o.0 it was amazing with the huge vibe and responsiveness lol same thing with my protostar once

best siggy evar.

darn that stinks

Back in 04, speeder was supposed to arrive in the mail.

Package arrives, I open it, No yoyo, but a rubber duck, with a note that says: haha you fail.

I got scammed, went to leave neg rep, he closed his account, gone forever.


I closed my account, but I wasn’t gone forever…

thats sad. boo him!!! lol. i laughed when i read rubber duck. but still people are dumb when do that


well, my package WILL be here later today

if not, ill update yall xD


I know the feeling though when somepony else gets something while you are still waiting, and seeing the package sitting outside gives you a false sense of hope…

You didn’t happen to order your yo-yo from Derpy did you?


(Derpy may have had issues getting to your house)


I hope it comes today. wait, actually tomorrow. My sense of time has kind of been thrown off lately…