The official "What did you get for Black Friday?" thread.


After the chatoic night of server crashes and excitement racing for both mystery boxes and cheaper throws, what did you get?

I got a Purple Solenoid and an Aqua Hour all for under $200! I probably would have gotten a few more bearings and strings but I was afraid someone would get the last purple solenoid while I was stocking up so I rushed to the checkout :stuck_out_tongue:

(*Kim*) #2

My answer won’t be all fun and exciting as most of the answers will be. I have six kids 12 and under. Everyone is getting new yo-yos this year. My oldest got a Dark Magic and a Mystery Box, my daughter a new Northstar, My 8yo and 5yo are getting ONEs though my 8yo is getting a Mystery Bag as well. Big bag of strings, and some different odds and ends. I haven’t decided what yo-yo I want to get myself. That’s my last decision to make.

(SR) #3

I got a Mystery Box. Hopefully it was worth it. Hopefully.

May pick up other good stuff if its cheap enough.


Nothing! Well, mainly because I don’t have any money in the first place.
But if there’s anything from the YYF Mystery Box that you don’t want, I’ll be glad to buy those off you. Especially if they’re Loop900s or Loop1080s [wink wink]


Dingo and YYJ thin shims to qualify.

Found a couple of new Aquarius somewhere else.

Holding out for a One Drop Project. If it doesn’t drop by noon, I’ll just use the money to go towards bills.

Was gonna pick up a mystery box for someone but by the time I was able to deal with it, the mystery boxes were gone.


I got a broken spirit and heart. And a crabby feeling.


I wasn’t quick enough with the checkout to nab a mystery box but I did end up splurging on an Anglam because I doubt I’ll ever see it with a 20% mark down ever again.



Not yet, but…Walrus Canvas!


A mystery box and seven hours of sleep. I’ve used up all my luck. :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost did that top. $230 for an anglam was hard to pass up.

(2Sick Joey) #11

I got an AYCE and Freq. Wave as far as yoyos but I’m content


After missing out on the mystery box last night due to a bad internet connection, I decided to get a Crucial Cupcake purple blue acid wash. Also grabbed a pack of toxic, and a pack of type x string lab strings to make my order just over 100$ to get 15% discount :smiley:


What’s become of me, y’all? Am I falling into a dark pool of consumerism and materialistic excess? Normally I don’t happen to have the funds for it but this Black Friday was different.

So excited:

Mystery Box
FG Blizzard Puffin
FG BBB Sasquatch


Got my son a dragon slayer code 2 some strings and a robot yoyo tshirt :slight_smile: and the mystery box. :smiley:


I got a Mystery bag
FG Rootbeer Blizzard Puffin
FG Delerium Drive Chief

but man I didn’t see that bip bop squatch till after I had checked out. Goodjob on you for catching that in the sneaky sideview only picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice scores! I was only ready for the BBB Sasquatch because it was mentioned on the CLYW facebook. And I’ve been looking for a nice deal on a Sasquatch for a while… it was perfect.


Yeah I had been wanting to pick up a chief, and the fact that I got my chief AND a puffin for the price of a new one, it was a no brainer to snatch em up.


FG ac, FG puffin, and a clyw beanie! I’m pumped! It more than made up for the mystery box upset


I got a Mysterybag (at 1:30 this morning -__-) and some Nylon Kitty String(:


I purchased a Puffin.