The official Reminiscing thread: whats been and gone


Ok, Many of our yo’s have left the collection either sold or traded. With new participants to the collection there still seams to be a place where some oldies have been truly missed . This is the thread where you reminisce about what’s been and gone.

Share with the community some of your truly missed spinning yo’s .

Add Group pics If possible : more pics the merrier…



Ahhh. I’ve lost so many loved ones…


Only two really stand out to me:

And my first run 28 Stories.
Sold the painted one because I couldn’t afford to keep it while I owned the 28 Stories, then the 28S got stolen…

I miss this guy as well:


Never had a painted peak in my collection . I would be so gutted if I had a 28s peak and it got stolen ! :s


Ahh yes. Memories…

There are more that I cannot find pics of right now…

(WildCat23) #7


thread delivers.

a few