I don't have many, but ...


… I’m very happy with the ones I have

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You got some things to be happy about for sure. :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: CLYW x OD are awesome for sure, and Ernest definitely hooked me up with the Blue Mountain.


Not a bad trio to have in your possession.



:o WHAT!??!?!?

A summit? So lucky, I hate you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus a generalyo throw. Simple But really nice collection.


ha! a summit? they restock much more quick, majesties I would be goin crazy about… ;D btw OP nice nice collection!


Hey it’s not about having what you want, it’s about wanting what you’ve got. Being content is never a bad thing!

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Beautiful collection. You’ve made some very nice selections here! :wink:


Yeah I feel the same way.

I only have a PSG, DNA, and Raptor.

You really have to make the best of the throws you have. :slight_smile:


Very reasonable collection. And since the thread title seems to fit my collection too and i didn’t want to start a new thread, i will post my collection here also. If it’s not OK for you, jsl, send me a PM and i will delete my post immediately.


Better than what I have.