The Official Chloe Moretz Appreciation Thread! (Way better than the Q one)

(Raphael) #1

Jk Q <3

but this is for my Chloe Moretz fan-boyS! POST ABOUT CHLOEZZZZ!

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(Raphael) #2

Omagawd you like Chloe Too?


Ooohhh PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! This is my new favorite thread!


sorry…no grass on the field…


She’s peering into to my SOUL! spoken in nightmare voice

(Raphael) #6

Then stop mowing the lawn


Creepy thread alert! At least for us older guys.

(Raphael) #8

I’m older than her…


My son is older than she is!

I do like the movies she’s been in especially Kick-Ass and Let Me In.

(Raphael) #10

I’m 5 months older

I haven’t seen either of those moves XD I’ve only seen two that she’s been in,


umm, who?

and yes, I did see the first post, and I got no idea who that is

(Raphael) #12

theres a magical little tool in this world called google, preinfalk :stuck_out_tongue:


There sure is, but I don’t think I’ll waste my time looking at something I honestly have no interest about.

just sayin

(Raphael) #14

waaaah :’(

I like this pic of Chloe:


I’m 3 months older than her.

(Raphael) #16

Good golly she’s lovely


im one month older then her. (and yes i googled it)


You need to be 20% more awesome

(Raphael) #19

Chloe Moretz’s 200% awesomeness makes up for mine


Today I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!
WARNING They drop an H bomb or two, and Rock the goodness out that cowbell.