New Banner! (Chloe Moretz'd)

HOw do you like it? I spent the last 5-6 hours straight on it

Photoshop is not forgiving on n00bs

Anything I should fix with iT?

<3 Chloe Moretz

its… interesting…

im going to look her up, as you are obcessed and i dont know who she is

lol…That’s about all I can say. :smiley:

Changed it a little,

Can you read the “Official Chloe Moretz Fanboy” Bit?

Stalker alert…

umm… who? ???

ITs not stalkerish, more along the lines of obsession :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite yoyo

What is she pointing to in that first picture…? The whole thing has a David Hamilton feel to it…which is creeping me out a little…

my dream gf… that is who she is…

Your dream GF?
Darn it, I have more competition

Which first Picture? My avatar? cause I’m changing that back to baljeet right now



And, you need to meet some actual girls in person… I’m actually creeped out

I know a lot of girls, sad part is most of them are pot heads, that could use some more efficient articles of clothing

Is she like, a little kid? I’m worried about you…

Were both 14…

+read under my avatar

Is she an actress? Or what?