Yeah, this is for anything food related! I am really (really) hungry, so I really wan’t some (Insert name of topic here)

Post pics of food! Talk about food! Tell about your favorite food! Share life or death experiances regarding food! Talk about food that scares you!

My name is raphael (hi raphael) and I’m addicted to Coke… the drink

Okay, you guys are either not hungry or something, so I’ll start of.

I think that chloe moretz is a cutie pie

that doesn’t count does it?

I had some of the worst cereal today, I got non fat milk (there was no other kind at school) and Jonas was right, it just is water with a milky taste. I had pop’s though, which are half-way descent

I like fried chicken. I eat it two times a week, I think.

I don’t think your much of a vegetarian

French fries, Onion rings, and Chicken fingers, FTW!!!

Sushi FTW. :slight_smile:


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OMG I LOVESUSHI! eel is my favorite aswell as smelt roe eggs

Yes you’re right

Yeah but i will add fried zucchini to that

Great. It’s 1:18 A.M. and now I’m starving. Thanks a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha.
I really should keep a mini fridge in my room. Then when I get hungry at night I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up.
I love food (was going to be a chef actually, but that career just wasn’t going to work out so well). Culinary classes are still the most fun classes ever though. But at this hour I can be pretty lazy about getting something to eat. I think I’d rather stay in bed than go hunt for something in the dark and worry about waking up my puppy or sister. Though when the mood strikes me even if it’s late I’ve been known to stay up and cook like a whole midnight meal.
I’m not in that mood tonight. I think I’ll go to sleep. :slight_smile:

I tried learning how to cook. last thing I made were chocolate chip cookies. They were like the best thing I ever ate. I never cooked again (unless ramen noodles count) because I was afraid the world couldn’t handle my culinary art. I actually wrote an article in my school newspaper about me learning how to cook.

If anyone wants I could share it, I thought it was entertaining :wink:

Not going to lie, I really want a buttery bread stick





I eat Ramen a lot. Not that cheap stuff with the fake flavoring you get at Wal-Mart, actual ramen. Homemade is the best way to eat it. I have that maybe 3 days a week.

I really love sushi as well, but I don’t get to have it very often. Maybe 2-3 times a month.

^Sounds delicious!

My favorite cuisines are Mexican and Italian. My mom jokes that I love Mexican food because while she was pregnant with me she craved Mexican cuisine all the time, lol.
Even though I trained in classical French cuisine I just don’t like it as well as a whole, even though they have some great foods. Of course German food is awesome too. As well as Asian and American foods. There are great foods everywhere. :smiley:

Cool. Maybe there should be a topic for school papers. I had to write one on a science experiment (training a mouse=epic fail) which was pretty funny. Now I’m getting off topic.

im hungry.