The World Pop-Tart Appreciation Society


Welcome to the WPTAS!

So lets get one thing straight. I’m British. So I look pretty much like this:

Up until last year I had never even seen a Pop-Tart. I had only heard rumours of them existing in America somewhere, and I gave little thought to it. Over here anything that doesn’t claim to be “low-this, organic-that, healthy-this, reduced salt-that” gets swiftly scorned and shunned by society.

However last year I was talking to a mate of mine at a BBQ, and when I said that I had never had one before, he was taken aback! He’s a body-builder and apparently eats them like their going out of fashion, as do a lot of people in his gym, so the idea that I had never even seen one was sheer blasphemy! He jumped in his car, and was back 15 minutes later with a box of them, which he promptly tore open in a style reminiscent of The Hulk tearing his shirt and chucked them in the toaster. Hulk snaaaaccckk!

We waited. I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts. I’m not a big fan of overly-sweet foods and these things looked like they were going to be pure concentrated sweetness! I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Pop! the tarts pop up out of the toaster, and they are swiftly plated and pushed under my nose with the swiftness and precision of a professional chef.

I take a bite…

It’s like eating molten iron!

“Nothing to worry about honey, I just didn’t let them cool enough!”

Needless to say, I have jumped the gun and the bitten mouthful drops onto the plate as I chug down some water. My mate laughs at me. I’ve made a n00b mistake.

So… we wait a bit for it to cool and I try again.

[i]First bite: “Mmmmmm, not bad. Not bad at all.”

Second bite: “Wow, this is good. REALLY good…”


Since that moment, I’ve been a convert. We only really get the Strawberry ones and the Chocolate fudge ones over here, but there is a shop near my brothers that sells some of the HFCS-infused-vitamin-fortified-in-your-face American flavours, and the few I’ve tried they’re absolutely lush. The Fudge Sundae flavour is just… well… I couldn’t describe my experience of eating it on a family forum. It’s THAT good.

So yes, I am a Pop-Tart convert. My stiff-upper-lip was burned, then removed by your baked pockets of love. Jolly good show chaps!

So guys, talk to me! Who else truly appreciates the Majesty that is the humble Pop-Tart?! =D

(DOGS) #2

I am okay with everything that has transpired here.


mmm… Pop tarts
Have you tried s’mores? That’s one of my favorites


I love poptarts but my folks never let me get them.


This is a great post Gambit. Love pop tarts. If you get a chance try the cherry.

If you like things a bit less sweet they make a few without frosting as an option (cherry being one of them).


I like them a lot, but we also never get them.


Pop Tarts!

I like the Cinnamon/Brown Sugar version. And yes I prefer mine RAW (UN-toasted). They cook quick and I don’t like them burnt.


Yay another non cooker!


non-cookers unite! I like the strawberry and cinnamon best. I like them all though… #gottalovethempops


All of you with your basic tier flavors up in this, if you don’t eat Hot Fudge Sundae Poptarts every morning than I don’t know how you get through your day.


Did somebody say…

Pop Tart?

All lame puns aside, I love me some Chocolate Fudge, Ice Cream Sundae,
Cookie Dough, and S’mores make it a really fun day!

Most metal song about toaster pastries…EVERhuhuh! \m/


I love Pop-Tarts, preferably heated properly.

Sometimes I have them out of the box without heating them, it’s not really that good. :stuck_out_tongue: It does keep you awake at 4 in the morning when you are about to hike Mt. Washington… All I had to eat that morning was cold Pop-Tarts and cold, black coffee.

To put it simply, it was an invigorating experience.


I love Pop-Tarts. Everything that makes Pop-Tarts good can also be found in the smaller Special K “Biscuit Moments” bars. Which are also yummy.


I’m not a big fan on them un-toasted myself, I love that warm gooey center.

My brother brought over a pack of “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” ones yesterday, they were niiiiiccceeee. drools


I used to like the brown sugar now they’re too mainstream. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love PopTarts. Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge are my favorites. Sometimes uncooked, sometimes not. They’re great either way.


I needs dat cookie dough! :3


A World Poptart Appreciation Society? Now I’ve seen everything…


Have you ever seen a man eat his own head…?

What’s the most obscure flavour you guys have over there? So far my list of conquests is:

Chocolate Fudge
Cookie Dough
Fudge Sundae
Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Some kind of weird rainbow ones, i forget the name.

Tell me more of your sugary ways America!!


The rainbow one might be the Wild Berry one (Purples, blues, Nice nilla crust?)

I…wouldn’t know any of the newer flavors, other than the ones I mentioned on my reply…lol, GUYS, help a Brit out! Or else the British are coming! (Sorry, had to make a history ref, lol)