Popcorn lovers thread!

Who else love popcorn? I know i do i have it at least once a week i like putting chile powder on it when its warm from our whirley popcorn popper. so what do you like putting on your popcorn? or whats your favorite popcorn? or what do you like putting on it? http://www.cinemabuilder.com/images/products/popcorn/Scoop-Box_lg.jpg

I’m right here, you got me. I love popcorn! My most used way of making it is air popping it, putting a good amount of butter on it (depends on amount of seeds), then salting it and putting grated Parmesan cheese on it. You have to try it, it’s quite a delicacy. My brother says I make it perfectly and normally when I make it and he’s home he asks me to make him some too!

brewers yeast. Man I love popcorn with brewers yeast on it. Other then that just salt and butter.

Smart Food. 8)

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Nice I like mine with a little chile powder and other times I like mine with cinnamon and sugar. Oh and I also like mine with a little sea salt as well.oh and we also have big jar of coconut oil and some popcorn popcorn salt. It males it taste like that movie theater stuff. I also have lots of other stuff I like on popcorn.

I love popcorn! And you use a whirley-pop? Me too!!! I love it so much! I like to use the butter powder and salt.

I also really like popcorn, its good with that fake cheese stuff. I just like the “crucnch crunch crunch”, of it, and of course the taste :slight_smile:

I love popcorn. have it 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately the wifey chucked the good popper we had so now it’s the micro wave stuff which is ok too. Too lazy to do the pop in a pan thing.

yeah well that stuff is good too when im too lazy i use the microwave but for me any type of popcorn is my favorite but my all time favorite pop corn type is lady finger that stuff is soooo goood.

Popcorn is great!

shame on your wife popcorn is delicious! but if you have a chance a whirley popper is great to have! http://www.popcornblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/whirley-popper.jpg

that’s what it looks like its awesome!

weve got that same popcorn popper at our house

popcorn sucks, last time i had some i had a kernel stuck in my throat all night and couldnt sleep.

I don’t think that happens with everyone and diddnt you learn not to eat the kernels?

The prefect popcorn popper? A wok, just a little oil and a lot of shaking.

I have these silly food allergies so I cant put butter on my popcorn

I use this butter flavor oil stuff

Butter, sugar, cinammon! ooooh yeah…mmmmmmmmm

Popcorn balls-the chewy pepermint ones…yummers

butter and salt…delicious

can you cook with canola oil? Cause if you can it tastes just like butter with a little salt.

The secret to popcorn nirvana begins @ the 12.20 mark http://www.foodnetwork.ca/chef+michaels+kitchen/video/season+1/pot+roast++popcorn/video.html?v=2325306645&p=1&s=dd#chef+michaels+kitchen/video/season+1, enjoy!

A good beverage should oughta wash that down. :wink: