The Offical Duncan Toys Thread - 6-23 First Look: Duncan Pro Z With MOD Spacers

(Brandon Jackson) #1

Hello everyone,
To keep the forum less cluttered we are declaring this thread as the Official Duncan Toys Thread.
This will be your thread for Duncan product news, Duncan Crew news, and anything Duncan related that you’d like to discuss.

This thread will be renamed when a new subject has been posted with its corresponding date.


Duncan Pro Z Yo-Yo With MOD Spacers
Hitting Stores this Fall!

(Brandon Jackson) #2

Triple Crown of YoYo Echos…Get em’ this weekend at ECC!

We’ll also have Triple Crown of YoYo Raptors, and Freehands!

(Brandon Jackson) #3

I am very proud to announce the newest member of Duncan Crew USA…Isaac Sams!!
Welcome to Duncan Crew brother!!

Duncan Presents… Isaac Sams

(Brandon Jackson) #4

Duncan Pro Z Yo-Yo With MOD Spacers
Hitting Stores this Fall!


How much are they estimated to be?

(Troy(oyo) #6

Okay, this thread keeps making my mouth water. Talk of clear dice. Now that! WOO!


What the…and the…MOD spacers…ppppppppppppp

This post just gave me a frontal lobotomy


is that like a looping yoyo and a string trick yoyo all in one??? amazing. i must have this


any news on a release date for the echo, metropolis, new dice, and the "freak"hand series?

(Brandon Jackson) #10

Echo & Metropolis, in a few weeks. New dice do not have an estimated ship date due to current inventory of Freehands. Freakhand series will be available in a month or so (which all come with new dice colors)!


I can’t wait for the Metro!!! Are they going to be in the same price range as the Raptor? And what is this “Freakhand”?


i just thought of something, would the mod spacers be backwards compatible with the avenger? :o

(Brandon Jackson) #13

The Freehand “Freakhand” series is a special series of Freehand that come in Translucent Blue, Translucent Green, Translucent Red, and Translucent Black bodies with matching counterweights (dice). They feature Freak-ish characters on them performing freehand tricks!

Echo & Metropolis are “Deluxxe Series” products and will retail in the same price range as Raptor.

They sure will!


so when are the new hats coming out.


I know right, I wangt one SO BAD!!


Siick XD!!! now i need an avenger :-\


Any updates on the light up FHZ’s coming out? also I’ve heard of siliconed FHZ’s coming out. Is this in the works? or any other updates to the FHZ line?


WOW that yoyo is gonna be so awsome. :o


I can offer this update - they’re awesome.

Thanks for the hookup, AC. You’re the bestest.


I need a light up FHZ :smiley: Updates please!