Duncan Flipside

Does anybody have any info on when these will be released?


I heard it had spacers that yo could flip over so you could use a c size or a size bearing hence it’s name flip side.

Brandon said they should be hitting stores soon.


i heard november (info directly from the duncan booth at nationals!)

These were being sold at Nationals and had 2012 National YoYo Contest caps in them and regular caps also in the package.

They come in light blue(my purchase), a pinkish red(looks nice under the sun), bright yellow(LOUD!!) and white.

Specs: 64 grams, 57mm diameter, 38.7mm width. The gap is 4.2mm with the C-bearing installed and 4mm with the A-bearing installed.

The yoyo ships stock with as they told me a C-sized 10 ball concave bearing(I don’t think a KK, but it is concave). Included in the package is a flat A-sized bearing. The spacers are actually a simple SPR: flip the spacers and you can change from the C bearing to the included A bearing. The yoyo uses the Duncan SG Silicone response pad such as in the Raptor, Echo, Metropolis and others, so you can silicone this if you want to. As the response is part of the yoyo itself, that means the spacers aren’t a true SPR system, even though they function as the important part by letting you change bearings. The only drawback is that you can’t use your existing Duncan spacers, but that’s OK, you’re not going to need them.

Duncan was selling these for $20 at their booth at Nationals 2012. I am wondering how much this will vary from the price when YYE gets a gigantic box of these. Loads of fun, plays great, has some vibe(to be expected) but it doesn’t really mess with play. Feels good, decent rim weight(you can see it’s somewhat H-shaped), good weight for it’s size at 64 grams. If you’re looking for a good Duncan, this is another one to consider. However, keep in mind that even though there’s been a recent release of a number of amazing plastic yoyos, this one doesn’t play much past the $35 price point. Still, I have no regrets getting one, I’ve been playing it a lot since I got back from Nationals and having an amazing time with it.

The selling point for the ProZ was getting people from modified to wing shape, moving from looping to string tricks. The selling point of the Flipside yoyo is the simple reversible spacers. This lets people move from large to small bearing play quickly and easily.

Would I recommend this yoyo? I think most of you know I like most stuff, and if I like it, I recommend it. For the money, this really can’t be beat due to the reversible spacers. If you’re not sure about small bearing but want to try, then this is ideal. Do you just want a nice afforable but well built plastic that’s great for carrying, throwing and sharing? This is ideal. Fun, affordable. Yes, this is one to get and add to any collection and even be a daily player. It’s a bit too big to be a pocket throw if you are wearing tight pants, but other than that it should be fine.

I see this being a good seller. Great to give, great to keep, great to have and great to play.

I bought one for my kid too. He’s enjoying it.

Did I just post a review?

Studio42… Thanks for the post. Have you tried tuning it like an FHZ?

I don’t have time for that this week. I’m slammed with doing sync testing for a show, recording VO notes for spot ops, placing those into the timeline, and then having to test about 30 hours of video on a media player, make back-ups(4), prepare for a band, and then wrap all this up into a 3-day event where this all comes together starting Friday.

Any new info on the Flipside release?

Already for sale in Czech Republic, really great plastic, clearly best Duncan plastic.

They have Flipsides in stock at the store now. ;D