Cheap parts yoyo?

So I am looking into trying to make a few of my own yoyos and was thinking it would be convenient to be able to just grab the parts out of a yoyo. So what I want is a yoyo that uses a C sized bearing, spacers, and it would be nice if it had some type of axle system I could take out, such as a simple nut and bolt or something like a One Drop side effect. I don’t want it to be like the normal axle such as what YoyoFactory or YoyoJam would use. I really don’t want to have to spend more than $20 on it, $15 or less would be optimal. Any ideas out there? ??? ??? ???

Duncan flipside.

I would recommend making a post on the BST - “Buying Broken Yo-Yos”

If you just want them for parts it makes more sense than buying new yo-yos and dismantling them, plus you’ll probably get some usable yo-yos for cheaper than new.

Thanks Garrett! great idea! I think a few of my friends might have sum I can buy from them as well.

Maybe just buy some yoyofactory spacers, or one drop side effects?
If you are willing to go small bearing duncan makes a parts pack that comes with tons of spacers, and a bearing. The axle system for those can be had at hardware stores.