Hspin, Yoyonation, and G5.... WHAT HAPPENED GUYS?!?!

Right in the feels. No more hspin or yoyonation what happened??? I found a bunch of yoyos in a box that were from my collection, but these two bring back so many memories. I believe they are from 2008, I used to yoyo everyday. Still got it haha… Anyone know where to find parts for these two oldies. I mainly just need a axle for my Pyro. If anyone knows the thread pattern I could probably make something work?

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Yoyo nation got robbed as well as having financial issues. The went down. Hspin crashed, as well as Spyy. Someone else can probably give info for the axle…

M3x18 black steel axle
(from HSPIN website)

You can probably get that size screw at the hardware store. If they don’t have a set screw that size, get a regular screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end w/a stone.


Cool guys thanks for filling me in on what has happened over the past couple years. Anything else go down in the community. I see yoyofactory is freaking huge now haha. Are there any yoyos that use the same m3 axles since I’m going to be ordering some bulk string off this website, so it would be nice to just have it on my doorstep. Also do they make universal friction pads I can just slap on? Im used to using windshield gasket maker lol…

The Duncan silicone stickers (13.7 mm) will fit the pyro.