Looking for HSpin axles

So this request may be a stretch, but I figured a serious modder or collector may have or know of what I’m looking for.

I have an old 2nd run HSpin Pyro that had a bent axle. I know that HSpin produced axles that were hardened to accommodate for the Pyro’s massive size and weight distribution, so I’m hoping that someone may have one of the hardened ones from an old collection they are willing to part with (buy, trade, or donate)? Or even maybe direct me to somewhere that may have a suitable alternative that works. I’ve checked Home Depot and other hardware stores for anything that matched width and thread count and I’m coming up with nothing.

NOTE: I know that this thread could be classified as B/S/T, but I wasn’t sure if this would be considered a maintenance topic or B/S/T. My logic says players that frequent this section would have more knowledge on the topic than someone looking to purchase new yoyos. Feel free to relocate this thread if necessary.

A hardware store should have something that will fit. It’s a metric screw size: M3x18 black steel axle.
Don’t know where you are located but Ace hardware has a good selection of metric screws.

(M3x18 = 3mm diam x 18 mm long)

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I’ll give that a shot. I’ve been searching for one of these for years!

You could get it threaded for a larger axle haha