I have been on a buying spree lately, and I think I’d like to stock up on some supplies for repainrs and maintenence. I have silicone/monkey snot/gasket maker, mineral spirits, extra bearings, IrPads, string…

What I don’t have is axles. There appear to be axles here at YYE, but only for YYJ and YYF throws. Do most of the high end metal throws (YYR, OXY, DS, TP, etc) use the same diameter and thread pitch? Can I get some axles to have on hand that will mostly work with the stuff I have around. I have some spares for the Mighty Flea, but clearly that is not going to fit the other throws.

Any help here is appreciated.

that should be of interest

Just go to a hardware store and buy them, they’ll likely be much cheaper.


after some research, I’ve discovered what mineral spirits is :stuck_out_tongue: (we just call it turpentine, damn the vernacular divide between countries that speak the same languages :stuck_out_tongue: ) and it actually comes from tree sap, and the more I’ve looked into it the less ideal it seems.

I’ve had reasonable success with Methylated spirits, which it pure alcohol (methanol and ethanol) but not all “Metho” is pure, even in other states here in Australia there are additives to stop people from drinking it so not all Metho is suited. That said, I had a stubborn bearing that didn’t come good until I got some Acetone.


Not the same as Turpentine. Keep reading:



Awesome. This is quite helpful. Unfortunately, there is not a listing for YYR or TP or many others at that site. I guess I could just get a screw pitch gauge and measure them.

Very helpful none the less.


my bad, I stopped here: “also known as mineral turpentine” in my haste, but I still stand by my comment of "darn the vernacular divide between countries that speak the same languages :stuck_out_tongue: "

I also stand by Acetone probably being the best option


It’s not too often you’re going to need an axle. I would just buy them on demand.


Oh, you just don’t understand my obsessive behavior. If I need one, I want to have one on hand. I have been looking at the set screws at on-line screw specialty stores, and they are under a quarter. Getting a few of each size to have just in case seems a small price to pay for preparedness.


Heheh, I suppose you could do that for such a low price. :wink: You have so many backups, and axles can be transplanted to your favourite throws while you’re waiting for the replacement. But like you say, it’s a personality quirk and I’m not going to be the one to try to convince you not to spend $3 for some set screws. :wink: