*URGENT*werrd irony jp axel replacement??

titile says everything

My guess is it’s a standard 4mm x .7mm pitch set screw. Take it to the hardware store and see what fits. When you find the right thread size, pick the right length.

went to local hardware store din’t have any set screws small enough any sites where I can get the axel or is it on yye

Then just get a regular screw that’s a bit longer. Cut the head off. Smooth the cut end with a fine file or a sharpening stone.

they were too thick not too long

You only have 1 store in town? A 4 mm metric screw shouldn’t be that hard to find.


(I figure it’s alright to post this on the basis it’s got nothing at all to do with yoyos. If not feel free to delete)

No problem with posting that. The problem is you can’t just buy 1 or 2.

Right but you can buy a pack of ten M4 headless threaded studs (admittedly steel but this is fine with a bit of care) for $4. Seems pretty good by me if there’s nowhere nearby to purchase them.