Origami Axel


The Axel on my origami broke and I can’t find the dimensions or anywhere to buy a new one. Someone pls help!


It’s just a stock set screw. Measure the pieces to get the length you need. Take one piece to the hardware store to find the screw thread size. If they have a set screw with the thread size and length you need, buy it. Otherwise buy a standard screw a bit longer than you need and cut it to length. Smooth the cut end with a small sharpening stone. (Took me longer to type that than it would to actually do it (aside from the trip to the store).


Thanks a lot for the response! I’m not much of a handy man so I didn’t really think about doing that


If you’re not feeling too handy - The Origami uses a 10mm axle. YYF 10mm will fit:


Dope. Thank you. I found a screw with the thread size at home depot and cut it to fit for a quick fix. I’ll definitely be buying one of those though. Thanks again!