Axle size for the Hspin Envy64?

What axle does the Envy64 take? The one I got in a trade, the axle had been broken in two parts and Loctited back together. So it’s bent causing vibe.

Axle size? All I know is the axle is normal length like a PGM Northstar etc takes, but it is skinny, it also takes a D bearing similar to A size.

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Common Yoyo Axle Sizes

Are you sure it’s that size?

I need it to be exact, and does anyone sell the size here?

That is the exact size.

M3x18 = an M3 metric screw, 18 mm long.

No one I know sells them as such,and HSPIN closed up shop as far as I know, so hardware store is your source.

p.s. I have 3 HSPIN yoyos to attest to the size.

Check McMastercar and maybe slithering hippo I believe their aa7 has the same axle sizeEe