Well, this is really odd....ever seen this?

So, as you may or may not have known, Hspin is bowing out of the yoyo game and they made available a few commemorative yoyos in cool ano’d colorways.

I got this Phoenix in today…and noticed that the axle totally does not fit. Closer inspection reveals that this isn’t even technically a “Phoenix” design. Check out the cup…just a tiny spike that’s really almost nothing at all.

and here’s a production Phoenix. Big nub, made to fit the standard axle, and a somewhat different circular design around it.

I don’t even know what to make of that. Why would they make a different yoyo, and especially make changes that render the most essential parts basically useless?

PM Hspin or yye. That’s really weird how much does it compare to a original?

Otherwise it’s exactly the same as a phoenix. There are lots of different planes machined all over the cup, fairly complex, and they all match a phoenix exactly. It’s just this nub that’s different.

YYE really has nothing to do with it. These are sold directly through Hspin…and contacting them is basically impossible anyway. I already tried before this got here because I was trying to figure out if it even got sent, and no response via the contact info on the website.

lol, that’s a pretty large machining error.

I don’t know how the hole for the threads is made and how it’s tapped, but if it’s done by a machine via a program, this error would have been catastrophic because it would have drilled clear through the cup.

So, I’m not sure how this couldn’t have been intentional…unless a person is actually drilling that hole? I could see a person tapping it, but not drilling the hole. That’s too imprecise.

Looks like he anodized a bunch of protos and sold them off as a farewell run.

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There were only 2 Phoenix’s in this run…which unfortunately, sort of makes this seem like the case. I wouldn’t mind that they were leftover from something, I sort of assumed that actually, but if they were unsuccessful protos that they’re just burning off that’s kind of a less than honorable thing to do without stating it.

I’ve sent emails. We’ll see what the deal is. I’m fairly certain this could be corrected with an M3x12mm axle as opposed to this one’s 18mm axle, which is easy enough to come by, but that’s really not the point, obviously.